2019 Hiking Club (Walking Sober)

One of my goals for 2019 is to take part in a 75km hiking challenge, so am setting this thread up to log my training walks and the thoughts and reflections that go with them. I did a lot of walking in the first half of 2018 and it really helped me as I started my journey into sobriety, so I’m looking forward to picking it up again and having a goal to work towards.

I know there are lots of other walkers here too and it would be awesome to see what you’re all getting up to.


I’m sorry I missed this post. I’d like to participate in something like this. I remember when I was a kid in Europe my family participated in volksmarches and I’ve always wished there was something like that over here. But I should just put on my shoes (or snowshoes these days) and get out hiking!!


So what is your 75km challenge??

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Hi there! Like to walk too. Can’t do more then 40 km in 1 walk because of knee trouble. But walk multiple official walks here in the Netherlands.


I want to do the Peak District Challenge, it’s an organised event, starting with a night walk: http://www.peak-district-challenge.com/routes/silver-challenge-75km-24-hours/

I did a 55km walk in 2018, a route called the Sandstone Trail. One end of it is in the town where I live. It was hard but really good. I learned a lot about myself.

Did you mention you want to do the Camino in another thread? That sounds intense! But amazing.

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I hope you carry on sharing your pictures here. That looks amazing :heart_eyes:

And 40km in one go is still a long way!

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Wow good luck with your challenge. That’s a loooong walk but the peak district sounds like a great place to do it.

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Thanks! Ha yea it is pretty long. I think doing it with other people will help though. I did the Sandstone Trail on my own except for the last 5km and the company at the end was a real boost.

Do you do any walking down in your neck of the woods?

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That is such an achievement! I did more walking in the summer, still not enough really. It helped that I signed up to the 10000 steps for 100 days challenge. I’m in the South East so have some great countryside and seafront to explore, just got to get out there :walking_man:

I love walking along the coast at this time of year, when it’s mild like this anyway. Too much wind and rain can be quite unpleasant :joy:

Just do it! And when you do, post here :blush: I am aiming to do long walks most Sundays.

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Treated myself to a new pair of hiking boots which I’m hoping will arrive in time for the weekend :crossed_fingers:

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Yes the gusts on the seafront are not great lol. I’ll make sure I get out and post some pics on here :walking_man: :+1:

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Not really a hike but took a longer dog walk than usual so thought I would add it in here.

I also did some reflecting on the walk, something I haven’t done for a while. I often call my Mum while I’m walking the dog (two birds one stone) which means I miss out on the mindful aspect of walking. I haven’t been meditating recently either.

I didn’t go to the parkrun I had planned this morning because I overslept and I couldn’t face doing something new and being rushed. This felt like a very bad start to the new year, I’ve been pretty depressed lately so that doesn’t help.

Was out for about 1.5hours which was enough time for my mind to quiet, to give me a chance to release the expectations associated with the new year and find a bit of acceptance for where I’m at today. When I took the picture, looking over the field with the sun in the sky it just made me think, it’s like any other day and the sun rises again.

I really needed that today!


I did…I think on the resolutions one. I’ve wanted to do it for years but then a few years ago my daughter piped up and said she wanted to do it (apparently her teacher did it and gave a presentation to the class) so now I’ve got a walking partner. But she’s only 12 so I think I need to wait a few years for her to be old enough.


I was talking to a friend about it a couple of weeks ago. I think there is one route that takes a month… Amazing! I’m not religious but that is definitely on my bucket list.

Yea probably best to wait a couple of years til your daughter is older but what a cool thing to do together.

Whoop! The more the merrier :grin:

I am hoping @Eke will also be joining us, and not just because I want to see pictures of goats… :roll_eyes:


I’m not religious either but there is something about pushing yourself in a challenge like that which will be a spiritual journey…I want that spiritual journey. Talk about finding your higher power!!

I have heard that some people think you should do the Camino Frances in 40 days like Jesus walked in the desert. But I’ve also heard that is too slow. About a month sounds about right.

I’m just scared of the alberges. But if I have someone with me maybe it will be less scary.


Me and the other half did a fair bit of walking last summer and want to do more this year.

Today we drove to Ashdown Forest and had a nice short ramble. Will definitely go back soon when we have more time.

It was the inspiration for Winnie the Pooh so next time we’ll look for the famous poo sticks bridge!


Are those tree trunks or giants’ feet? That is a great picture, and knowing it’s in the 100 Acre Wood makes it even better.

When my elder kid was little, she would squeal and run over to the TV and kiss Pooh when the theme music played! We love us some Pooh round here!


Aw bless! They really look like feet don’t they!

We saw loads of rabbit and horse poo so hoping to see some actual rabbits and horses next time :rabbit2: :horse:

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