2019 Hiking Club (Walking Sober)


Maybe we can find challenges in our areas! I found these for New York’s Adirondacks!
I would like to get myself to the point of doing this. In fact I will join you @siand!



They look awesome!


What a gorgeous clouds I’ve seen today! I had sun, rain, rainbows! And all in 1 walk of 5 km! :heart:

Have a great day! :grin:


Ha that is so much different weather in one walk! Great photos too :grin:


Starting back running today. 2019 goal is trail running and hiking portions of the buckeye trail.


Used to do a lot of walking but then the winter set in and the nights were darker. not to mention frickn baltic…soon very soon will get on the bandwagon :grinning::grinning:


7.5 mile hike today. Overcast and rain threatened, but cleared up early on. Then beautiful as we got up to the ridge above it before chasing behind us casting amazing shadows.

Good hike. :slight_smile:


Oh wow that looks awesome! Glad the rain cleared up.


This is absolutely stunning. Looks magical, like something out of a story book!


I live near the peak district it’s beautiful


I would love to do more walking but feel nervous going alone ( my friends have petrol legs) :grin:




Oh wow. I want to go to there. :star_struck:


My favorite thread because of photos like this. Would love to get lost here!


The top one is Dovedale the second to are Mam Tor


I tried to go walking today at lunch…but the snow was too deep…I got super sweaty and I barely went any distance. When will it be spring???


Why are you nervous about walking alone?

I must say I enjoy walking alone. I don’t mind company but having time to spend with my own thoughts and going at my own pace has been really useful to me. I have had more than a few revelations out walking! There’s something about moving around in nature that just seems to help my mind straighten out.


Hiking club… Any advice on breaking in new walking boots? The ones I have are super comfy on the feet but my ankles on the outside of my legs are really rubbing. I tried loosening them but I think my ankles just aren’t used to having something there.


Walking in them. :wink:

Got good socks to match?


No I don’t have any proper walking socks. A worthwhile investment?