2020 Changes

Ready to restart out with the old & in with the new ! Got myself some new books to read regarding stopping binge drinking & ready for the first day of many !! Heres to a better future


So you plan to just change the books you are reading?

No i plan to stop binge drinking the books will help through . self help. Im actually so bored of the same binge drinking its time to live my life differently and lots of positivity

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What books have you got?

And what else can you change… What are the patterns that lead you to binge drink (people, places, things) and what can you do about them?

As a former binge drinker I am so thankful that j did not have to deal with any physical withdrawal symptoms, but I did have to make quite a lot of changes. Drinking was such a big part of my identity and the way I related to other people it took a while to find my way.

Keep checking in here, read lots, reach out whenever you need to :pray::sparkling_heart:

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Jason vale how to give up drinking easily & various give drink up easy x looking foward to having a read through them. I have explained to my partner as he likes to drink and i would be grateful of the support.

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Nice! There are some good book and podcast recommendations on here, use the search bar :mag: to see what has worked for other people. I found reading around here, a lot, really helped me to understand better my relationship with alcohol. There are lots of resources out there and this is a wonderful community to get you started :blush:

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not trying to sound like a jerk…but the clue is in the name of those books…the word easy and getting sober don’t really go hand in hand…Anyone writing something like that is responsible for giving a false idea of how this works.
I’m glad you want to change. Change happens through action. reading is one action to take. I had to start action in many different ways to get sober. literature was a part of it. Most important action was to learn to talk to others who had similar experiences and had already gone through the getting sober part. Acting different that I used to slowly changed the way I think. It’s a slow and long process.
Wish you a happy sober year. Good luck.


I was going to say exactly what @Mephistopheles says.
There is nothing easy about getting sober.
Please don’t feel attacked here, it’s just that you have been here almost a year and you don’t seem to have changed your approach at all.

I don’t tend to read books about my addiction but I do read books about happiness and my outlook on life in general. When you change how you see things around you things around you change. Through inner peace I need no stimulants to make me happier and to be honest they never keep you happy for long anyway. Wish you well on your journey.


Congrats on your goals!! Reading lots of threads on here is a great start as well. Here is a thread that holds lots of gems, including a great list of books which all helped me learn and grow…so many excellent resources!

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Yes ive been on here off and on for a year changes were made but failed ive looked into why i fail suffering with mental health issues i know its the right thing i need to do thanks for your support.