2023 Roll Call -- Introduce yourself!

Oh no, you’re fine! You were not the first. :blush:

Thank you for being inviting.


Don from somwhere in the South and i enjoy this platform that brings something different i can use in my journey. 08-18-18 my sober date



Ik woon ook in Nederland, kom uit Eindhoven maar woon inmiddels al ruim 6 jaar in Helmond.
Ik heb de App nog niet zo lang en vandaag pas voor de 1e keer op het forum aan het uitzoeken hoe het werkt.
Ik ben vandaag 34 dagen abstinent

Groetjes Masja



My name is Masja and I’m from the Netherlands.
I’m figuring out how this forum works and found out it’s preferred if in write in English, so there you go :wink:


Hi everyone .
My name is Crystal Lynne Dawn Day Chief I am definitely in recovery in fact I don’t believe I ever stopped being in recovery is it from addictions emotional abuse , trauma I am not sure as only I am able to tell my story


I guess i should re introduce myself my names Jay (Jordan to some) i jave struggled on and off with alcohol for 10 years. Ive gone sober in the past and always relaps losing all those close to me. I am currently 6 months sober and the healthiest ive been physically and mentally in years. I got back on the board to hopefully rebuild some bridges i know i burned the last few times i relapsed. So if thats you im sorry. You can always hate me for sure but just wanted to say sorry.


25 days sober as of today after around 25 years of drinking. At times I drank daily, more recently it’s been less frequent but in greater amounts. I told myself that it was okay because it wasn’t every day anymore but deep down I knew it wasn’t because I’d started blacking out periodically. I also have bipolar 1 and ptsd and have basically ignored the fact that drinking on my many medications is dangerous. I’ve been in therapy on and off for years due to trauma and the loss of my parents and stepmom but I had my first appointment to deal with the alcohol today. I’m lucky to have a loving, supportive boyfriend of 17 years who somehow has stayed with me through my many stumbles in life. I feel like I’m waking up and finally looking at my past behaviors and the lies I told myself with open eyes and it… doesn’t feel very good. I’m very hopeful and determined but also ashamed and embarrassed. Despite that I’m excited to be approaching a month of sobriety and I’m happy to be here.


Welcome back Jay. Big congrats on your sober time. Today is all we got. One day at a time and all that. Good you’re here.

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Welcome to the community!

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Hi there I’m Lauren and new here as of yesterday, I’m one day sober from alcohol as I’m a regular alcoholic. I have been struggling on and off trying to quit drinking alone but that has not been working so I found this community/app. Really glad to be here and commit to drop kicking this out of my life


Welcome Lauren! Glad to have you aboard. I hope this place can be as helpful to you as it has been to me. We’re in this together and for me that has been the difference between failure in the past and success now. We’re not alone. Wishing you all success in your sober journey.


Already finding people online that I can be open and honest to about this has already felt like a huge relief. I’m 35 single and no kids, I just have the sweetest pug that I need to be able to care for at my best. I have been drinking since I was a teen and want the rest of my life to be free from this. One day at a time


Take care of yourself and the rest will follow. Well I know you know that. Hugs.

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Hey y’all, I’m Zakk (m18)! I’m celebrating 3 weeks of sobriety from pornography/masturbation today. I’m so grateful to have found this community, and I can’t wait to chat with y’all more!


Congratulations on 3 weeks!

Maybe you should change your name to Guy Strokes.

Hehe, no thank you.

Greetings. 14 months sober February 1st. I’m getting more & more involved in AA. I joined my Home Group and now I Chair every Monday night at our Happy Hour 5:30 meeting. I’m on my 11th Step and have a great Sponsor.


Welcome @Masja. I am also trying to get proficient on this platform.

@Willowwhiny Love your share. Great advice.