2023 Roll Call -- Introduce yourself!

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Welcome in for 2023! As @siand put so well before…

And for those just joining, you can also get to know some of our existing members in past threads:

2022 Roll Call – Introduce yourself!
2021 Roll Call – Introduce yourself!


planchette inspired thru the journey
4 years without being consumed by alcohol
Healthy New Year :sparkles:


I’m Eke, one of your friendly neighborhood moderators, but also a member of the community. Retold some of my story last year.

The support, examples, and advice I’ve received from this place have been an instrumental part of my recovery for over 4 years running now. Couldn’t have done it without y’all!

Looking forward to what’s in store for 2023. As @Yoda-Stevie often reminds me, just tryna keep getting better at getting better.


This old Scottish guy ben here Since 2016 spotting out my wisdom lol


Hello!! I am Sassy, a forum member for close to 6 years and one of the moderators here. I drank and used for a very long time.

If you are interested, you can read more of my story here…

I hope you find the forum a place to gather strength, knowledge, friendship and heal within a supportive community.

:sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:Let go, or be dragged :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:


Hey ya’ll,

Call me Cjp. Im from the midwest, usa. I joined this forum last january as “dry january” is socially acceptable and you can just admit you over did it during the holidays and dont have to admit you have a problem. HA. spent january white knuckling it and counting down the days until february when i can drink again. Well i lost my job and spiraled into a deep depression. My habit went from 2-4 days a week to 6 days a week. A bottle of vodka a night. My hubby and i decided we were drinking too much so we’d do dry may. I got my first taste of freedom in january and somewhere between week two and three i decided to see how long i could actually stay sober. I immensed myself in this forum and AA. Today i celebrate 8 months or 245 days free from weed and alcohol. The longest i’ve maintained sobriety in 20 years.

The twelve steps of AA and the promises of sobriety are coming true and i know a peace and joy i’ve been trying to attain since my teens.

Thank you if you’ve read all this. You can follow my journey from struggling to acknowledge my problem to freedom and gratitude here.

I dont know if i’ll be sober forever. I will commit one day at a time.

Ps life doesnt get easier by getting sober. Sobriety and working a program makes dealing with life more manageable and dare i say enjoyable.

Peace love and positive energy to you where ever you are on your journey.


Hi new & old my names Anthony I’m 32 learning a new way to live. I just wanted to keep track of my clean time then accidentally stumbled upon this forum. I’m so glad I did I’ve met so many cool people here that genuinely care some are gentle some are hard I think it’s a healthy mix in my opinion. This Forum has helped me in my journey, and also helped me discover that narcotics & alcohol are not my only issue I needed to resolve. I have had past issues with self harm since 9 stopped at 19, the present an eating disorder I have had on the back burner for over a decade without actually ever acknowledging it, sex, codependency is a new one I need to learn some more about & more will be revealed I’m sure.

There’s so much more to me but if you’re curious just ask, I try to remain an open book. If one person can relate to my experiences, struggles, or hope and it helps them in there road to there recovery I’m grateful I can be part of that and mission accomplished. Take care fam​:v::pray:


Welcome, Anthony!

Ha… Yeah, I also didn’t know the forum was hiding in here when I first installed the timer. Spent a few nights just reading other people’s stories and having a lot of the same realizations. Was a lot to accept. Great folks around here though.

Look forward to sharing the journey with you.


No big entrance I’m Paul and just like you. If I can help you I will.


Hi everyone! My name is Dana and im a grateful recovering addict!
I spent 22 years (from age 15 to 37) struggling to find recovery and now have 322 days completely clean from all mind altering substances! I have tried many ways to get clean from psychiatric help, numerous treatment centres, 12 step meetings, medications, group and individual therapies, the list goes on lol. Thanks to my Higher Power and to the amazing people on this forum, along with all the years of knowledge from various supports, i have found recovery and am loving it!!
I am a survivor of child exploitation, the sex trade, a survivor of domestic violence, as well as sexual abuse.
Back then… my life was full of despair and hopelessness. I had no sense of self or any real connection with others. I was selfish and a slave to drugs, doing things for money that damaged me to my core. Couldnt function whatsoever like a regular human being and was a chronic relapser.
Now at 322 days clean, i have good relationships with people, i have a legit career, im paying off debt and helping others, and im getting to know who i am and how i can manage my emotions with healthy coping skills and strategies. Im focusing my life right now on being healthy in all ways. Im beyond grateful for my recovery. Grateful for being an addict bcuz my old lifestyle forced me to find a much better way to live. One that i may have never known if i hadnt found drugs decades ago. Glad to be here :butterfly:


Hello all, David here from Ireland.

I previously went seven months sober, but over the last year I’ve slowly returned to my old ways of drinking excessively. I thought i could be a ‘normal drinker’ after doing the seven months, but i know now that i cannot. December was a bad month, and im making a commitment to myself to stop drinking alcohol.


Welcome @David_2h


Greetings everyone. I was a hard drinker for 20 some years. This coming March i will have 5 years sober.


Hi everyone. I’m Lisa a forum member in recovery and one of your moderators. I’m 1200 days (3+ years) sober from alcohol, opioids and cocaine. My bottom was a DUI car accident. I immediately went to an outpatient detox then onto an intensive outpatient program (IOP) followed by AA. I continue to work the AA program on a daily basis. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need some support. My inbox is always open.


Hi. Just joined. Thought this could be some extra support. Am using the sober counter app


I’m Flo, from the UK, now in Japan. My drug of choice was alcohol, also struggle with disordered eating and self harm. I joined TS three years ago, when I finally realised that I needed to do more than wish and hope to stop drinking. I struggled for a bit, but thanks to advice and encouragement here joined AA and found the program really helped me. I still have such a lot to learn and improve on tho. I became a moderator a little while ago, and my PM box is always open.


Heyy I’m Matt from USA
Sober date 11.4.22
I have a mental health condition schizophrenia
Addiction started at 13 with a mental obsession of pot and as the years went on alcohol became a bigger and bigger problem then as more years went on the experimenting with drugs started

I have 58 days sober but starting aa at age 19 about saved my life. I was there on probation and hated it and now adays I love it

Keep coming back
That’s what I did and it saved my life


My name is E. I am 35. This is my first day free of cannabis in 18 years, and first day free of alcohol in a long time. This is my first attempt at sobriety.

I used to workout a ton and care a lot more about my overall health and have let my work get in the way of ME.

Just one day here has shown me the love and support I need to be the best me. I am happy to be here and am excited to make new friends who care about me as much as I care about them.


Yoda-Stevie here. Been a sober member of this community for 5 years.


Hey there! Jenny from Kansas City. I’ve been on TS for awhile. Sober since 3/10/21. Struggled for the better part of 10 years. This community has and will always be a huge support for me in my recovery along with AA and The Luckiest Club. More of the same for me in 2023, please. The Promises definitely come to fruition if you focus on sobriety and living one day at a time!