24 hours - Not one drink!

It has been 24 hours and 3 minutes without a drink. I honestly didn’t think I had a problem until I tried to remember the last time I took a break from drinking. I can’t recall. :disappointed: I think I am ready for a change but it didn’t help my husband got alcohol tonight after work. :grimacing:


Welcome @Rocky15! And congrats on your 24 hrs and change! Especially when you factor in being around alcohol.

Glad to have you join us. Deciding to take a break from alcohol, for any length of time, sure can shed light on the truth, hey? That’s when I had to acknowledge the problem it had become for me. But the good news is that we all build our sober time, no matter how many days any of us has, by doing it one day at a time, one moment at a time.

Read around, post, interact, ask questions… the lights/coffee/tea are always on and there’s usually someone, somewhere in the world, who’s awake, so pull up a chair!

A lot of people enjoy using the daily check in thread to get to know others, maintain accountability, etc. You’ll find it here:


Just wanna welcome you aboard , @Rocky15 . You are in good company here. As @M-be-free49 said, read around, and see what you find helpful. :pray:

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Welcome here! :raising_hand_woman:
Have you told your partner about your quit drinking plan? My husband is a “normal” drinker so is still drinking ones in a while. In the beginning of my sobriaty I asked him to get the bottles out of my sight and to trow left overs away. Half full botltes of wine where very triggering for me so when we have those after a party, we poored them out in the sink as well.
So maybe you can make some agreement with him over what help you and ask him for support.

Well done for your day one sober, keep going! :facepunch:

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Nice work rocky on 24 hours!!!

Welcome! I’m on almost 3 days! Just come on here if you hear that voice in your head trying to persuade you! Much love

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Welcome :raising_hand_woman:

That’s brilliant 24 hours :star:

Hope to see you around :blush: