280 days going strong

280 days.
Wow! I never saw myself getting sober. Let alone this long. Never did I think I’d be able to talk to people new to sobriety and give advice.

I will say it hasnt been easy. I knew it wouldn’t. I dont say that to scare new comers. But to let you know what may come. I relapsed once. At the time everyone was ok with it. Why? Because the first couple months I was able to control it. Then, I started hiding it and drinking after work from 8am till maybe 12. Wake up and be in a shit mood and treat my loved ones bad. What an ass i was. 27 and my body was feeling wrecked. High blood pressure, depression, and my epilepsy going crazy from the booze. The seizures really took a toll on me.

Anyways, here I am. Letting everyone know yes it’s hard and it sucks. But it does get better. If you truly want to sober up then do it. Hold yourself a countable and remember… SOBRIETY IS NOT A BAND WAGON
Good luck everyone
God bless


Hell yeah man. Congratulations. Huge milestone!!


Awesome! Keep it up!!!

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That’s awesome, great job

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@Philrr415 To my pal on the other side of the NFC North, congrats man, happy for you!

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Oh well done. Great message. :+1:

Thank you for sharing and congratulations!! :confetti_ball:

Super congrats on your 280!!

Thanks man… how did you know? I must’ve posted something somewhere?

Ya it’s crazy. I quite drinking for a week once awhile ago. The withdraw caused 3 seizures. It also didnt help my thought process was, well the booze will kill the meds so why even take them?
Times have changed. Gotten older and more responsibility.

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I think we had a brief Bears Packers exchange several weeks ago when they played each other…anyhow, nice job.

Well done @philrr415 keep it going mate :grin:

Nice one!! Keep it up.

280 days of getting better at getting better!