30 day challenges


I’m not taking Days off, Just wanted to say that there’s no point in working against your body If someone is Just beginning working out


Oh and you Must have meant My earlier Post. I was talking about My Gym routine. I have 5 Days work out Days and two off this week, was talking about that…no off Days for Me on the challenge

Edit: So cause I hit the Gym on Mon, tue, wed, I can do the final two on sat,sun


Probably, although I still had sleep in my eyes while catching up on here this morning :joy: I may well have read it wrong


And I was unclear for sure


Your forgiven :pray: :joy:


Day 5 done! 45 min on the exercise bike. I’m pretty sore today… this is the first time in 100 years that I’ve exercised 5 days in a row. It’s a good feeling. Golf yesterday was interesting. I have to retrain my body how to play sober! Have an awesome day everyone. I LOVE SOBRIETY!


I like wall sitting, because I am well-supported and I can go as low as I can with a brace. I definitely suggest it when your legs are healed enough. :slight_smile:

For Yoga, I just have to be incredibly mindful and in tune to my body. That’s actually what Yoga is supposed to do – but I feel like I would benefit from being in a class, where someone could correct my posture. My back and neck feel better when I am doing yoga, because there is a lot of easy stretching, targeting areas that get tense. However, you can really jack yourself up doing incorrect poses. If something doesn’t feel right, I modify.


I’m sure it depends on the class but the one I go to he rarely corrects posture. His thing is basically like you say, just go with what feels right.


Good to know! The class I took years ago did correct it. I need someone to be like, “Whoa…don’t do that!!!”


Another day succesfully done…Hope everyone is feeling pride about their achievements


Haha yea I guess he would if it was to the point that someone is causing injury!

Hope you get to find a good class near you. I like mine but there’s one in a Hindu temple near where my parents live that’s just amazing. 2 hours, 7am start on the weekends and they only ask for £2 to cover the hall or more if you want to give it.


Uh oh no challenge done today, Friday is family movie night and now I am feeling lazy, going to have to step it up tomorrow and fit in double


Day 5. 100 lunges, 160 crunches. Was able to resume full pushups w/ the off day, but only got in 40 reps, still petering out. Mixed in 30 butterflies & 30 curls on free weights to spread out the effort for my evening session.

Stretch/relaxation yoga time. :pray:


I had to cut day five short (only 90 of each) because I spent the evening and night at a friends house. We needed some girl time :grin: Going to do better today :muscle:


Day 6 yoga challenge done :person_in_lotus_position:


Challenge your challenge with a challenge.
After 30days of this. I challenge you to do 1000 pushups in an hour :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


That’s so far out of my reach at the moment that I can’t even see the ball park…and I’m using binoculars
that would be roughly 17 push ups every minute of the hour…I’m looking forward to the hour long video of you doing this :wink:


Oh and today achieved…back at the gym also…I find this much easier to do at the gym…


Day 6 done :grin:


I’ve done this challenge not to long ago. I got to 912 in an hour before i was done