30 day challenges


That’s why your avatar is a superman


Noooo hahaha :rofl::rofl::rofl:

My avatar is an inside joke


Clark Kent is no joke, mister :wink:


I’m considering day 6 DONE! My “30 min of cardio” today was 5-6 hours of yardwork. Over 12k steps logged on my watch. Feeling sore, but won’t drown those aches & pains with beer & booze. Have a great Saturday night, friends!


What is a 30 day challenge


Day 7 done.

Did day 6 of 30 days yoga with Adrienne… Abs day. Umph. Feeling good though!


I’m giving you Bill the positivity award of the week…good going…keep it up :slight_smile:


scroll up and read the posts…


30 day fitness challenge! Scroll on up to the top for @beyondmythoughts’ inspiration.

Some are doing daily yoga, some are doing a crazy count of push ups/lunges/sit ups. All of us committed to getting in done daily. Why not jump in yourself?


Repeated yesterday, prepping for evening yoga.

Something new: On my hike today I blew through it almost a minute/mile faster than I have since getting sober. And it felt easier. (I’d plateaued the last couple weekends.)


Way to go…results taste sweet


yesterday I was doing my routine…I was doing the deadlift…5 sets of 6 reps with 230 pounds…I started thinking how it’s like less than a year where I was told by my PT to do those with a freaking 50 pound kettlebell, cause I was really out of shape for not doing anything positive for my body for 20 years…those reps tasted sweet :slight_smile:

edit: meaning the ones done yesterday…not the ones with the kettlebell


I used to do a workout quite like this almost every day, followed by yoga. Not nearly as many reps, of course. I was still sitting around moping and putting it off.

I really wanna thank @beyondmythoughts and you for putting this out there. I dunno how long I’d have kept sitting on my ass otherwise. Besides the hiking pace, it’s been weirdly trickling out to strength with other things, too.


You should join the Strava thread and the working on working out thread

Edit: As should anyone else here interested


Ha! I’m going to focus on finishing this challenge, get to 150 push ups in one day, then I’ll meet y’all there. :wink:


After 2 rest days because I must have pulled every muscle in my legs and bum, I did a 2hr swim today, surely that’s got to count :wink:


I think at this point everything counts. I did a 45 minute spinning class…never sweated So much in My Life. We have these virtual classes at the Gym So one don’t have to interact with another human…:yum: at this point I’m altering between different abb muscles for the sit ups. Lunges are easy, but then legs are my strongest part


I definitely have not been accountable in this challenge. I have been in total Mom-of-busy-teens mode. Said teen girls and I are joining the gym, tomorrow. It’ll be their Homeschool gym class and my way exclude distractions.


I hella do yoga with Adrienne as well💪


It’s not Clark Kent. It is a super hero with a harmonica on his chest lol