30 day challenges



I would like to do a 30-day yoga challenge. Has anyone completed a similar challenge following a specific person on YouTube? I’m looking for names of instructors or videos so I can be ready to go :woman_in_lotus_position:t3:

Also, I love 30 day fitness challenges in general, so if anyone has any good ones they’ve done, I’ll gladly take those as well. Or, if someone wants to join me for one of the 30 day challenges, I’d be down to be an accountability partner :hugs:


30 days…150 sit ups 150 push ups and 150 lunges each day…and you got yourself a deal…I’d be doing these on top of my regular exercise routines…how about it?

I dare @Englishd; @Yoda-Stevie; @rmgrimmer; @Jante76; @Twowaymirror; @Jon-Paul_Palmer; @Sober_Ninja; @MissDuse to accept this challenge…
And anyone else too…lets make this a social experiment…


I’m down! The push-ups are going to be a struggle for me, so I’ll have to space those out!


Just as long as you do 150 each day…if you feel like doing one at a time it’s fine…150 total


I think we should start this on monday…to get full weeks…be easier to keep track


Absolutely! I’m down to start Monday!


I’m in on this challenge! I’m going to do 30 days with at least 30 min of cardio each day. Goal will be to hit 45 min most days but 30/30 has a nice ring to it. :smile:


I like that!


I’d like to join in with this experiment :blush::muscle:


The more the merrier :wink:


Yayy! Welcome :hugs:


I’ll do it, after my belt test next Friday.


Yep, we don’t want this messing with the belt test…join in after that


I dont do situps. Situps are archaic and are bad for your spine. We could replace them with crunches instead.


I’m fine with how ever you wanna do…just important that it’s 150 for the abs


I will throw in 30 crunches each day to try and work off 30 years of beer bingeing. I’m starting to see a trend here! In the middle of this challenge, I’ll reach my 30 days sober.


Dude, you know im suuuuper lazy unless its cycling. I think ill go for it though.


That’s the spirit


On top of your exercise routine! Wow! Man, I don’t know if I can. I’m sore most days of the week already. Haha.
How does everyone track their efforts down? I need to see proof :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just joking…plus the proof I’m pretty certain will be in everybody’s body image because that is a legitimate workout for 30 days! Add in 20 pullups too…only if can do one at a time! :grin:


I would be in to I already do the push ups and sit ups Lunges would be a new one for me !!! So how are we gonna track it anyway