30 day challenges


@Anarchy Jody, how long does the charge last on those? I’ve had 2 sets of wireless earbuds and neither lasts more than 1/2 hour. :roll_eyes:


I’ve never had them run out on me so at least 2hrs plus and I’ve gone to the gym 2 days without charging them … I’ve had several pairs and really like these ones


Back on track today was able to do the 150 for all three plus my work out :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:


Beast…I did again 75 of the 150 sit ups with the extra weight…I think I’m gonna set my goal on getting all done with extra weight…I did six sets of 25 like yesterday…seems to be working fine…


Love it :fire:ya gonna go hard next week should be 100% rock minun veljeni


Hyvä tyyppi. :yum:


Lol I try have a great day buddy :zap:


Awesome. Tomorrow starts day one. I haven’t ran in a while, so I’ll start with 1 mile for week 1, and work my way to 3 by day 30.


Heck yes!

And for me, day 9 has mixed results… Fell short (50) on my lunges today after pulling my gluteus medus. Stretching helped work it out, but tomorrow my sore bum may need to slow down!


Definitely have to rest your sore muscles . Epsom salts and I go way back. Recently discovered a tumeric supplement too which has really helped a bad knee, and is supposed to help with post workouts. I really hoping it doesn’t disappoint after I put it to the test tomorrow.


You sound like @Yoda-Stevie. He swears by that stuff, too, so most be legit. I save mine for food. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I might give it a go.

(Speaking of whom, wasn’t he gonna join this after his belt test…?)


I was surprised it worked. It a powder you can add into your shakes. You have nothing to lose.


Day 10 yoga done.

Such a good way to start the day, I plan on keeping this going after the 30 days.


He injured himself in the test. It’s in the working out thread


Oh. Oh sh… My bad, @Yoda-Stevie!


Day off today. Cortisone shot yesterday for my “frozen shoulder” (pain, stiffness & no range of motion). Its caused by being an old fart. Maybe a walk later today to check the box. Feels like i got shot in the shoulder… with a cannon. Keep up the great work everyone!


I didn´t do any workout yesterday…I had such a long and hard day that, when I finaly got home, I couldn´t bring myself to anything but take a shower and go to bed :disappointed:
Got to do better today!


Listen to your body…thats important as well.


Has to be said that my motivation is low again, tiredness and blah blah blah more excuses :joy: I didn’t want to but got my butt in gear and did a 2 mile power walk today, not the best progress with the challenge but I seem to be loosing weight


It’s OK. I am on the mend. Have set October 1st as my day to start my challenge, and go back to class too.