30 day challenges


Or maybe you all owe me the squats??? :wink:


I case I get bored after the 30 days :sweat_smile:


That reminds me of Monty Python classic - ministry of silly walks


Missed day 7 workout yesterday. Isn’t Sunday a day of rest anyway??? But jumped back on the bsndwagon this morning with a 40 min elliptical workout. Hitting the bike tomorrow. Keep up the great work everyone!


Hei ystäväni


Toivottavasti olette tänään hyvin


Is that the ionic? How do you like it? I’ve had mine since end of December and have only had minimal technical issues.


Love it love it and this one is my 3rd one lol I seem to be able to destroy anything ,so now I only wear it to the gym


I had a hard time finding earbuds to pair with it !! Which ones do u use ?


This is my second one, luckily still have the warranty.

I use Beats by Dre, I’ve had two pairs and they sync well-just have to do everything in the proper order to not piss the ionic off lol


I just wanted to update my progress which has been zero!
I did do a 75 min bike race sunday and my normal biking to work.


my beats keep cutting out these were the only ones I could get good sound out of and no cord :smiley:


Ah no cord, nice, I haven’t tried those yet! That cord is honestly annoying lol


Ya I kept pulling it out my ear during my workout which is hard to do cause I’ve got big ears lol


Day 9 yoga done!


I’m a little late on this thread. Is it too late to jump in ?


I don’t see why not! I started including my day in case others wanted to hop in later like yourself!


Day 8 and repeated reps with free weights plus… upped it to 70 full pushups. Little by little, getting there.

Home late and sleep is sadly > yoga, so I bed now. :v:


Versa ftw (if you can live without GPS). First cool health tracker I’ve gotten that doesn’t snag on my shirt cuff.


Day 9 in the books. 30 min on the bike. Kept it light today… it was a slog getting out of bed. But got 'er done… and hangover-free! Life is good!