30 days of Sobriety Has come to an end

So I went a month guys trying my best to change for somebody who meant the world to me the girl that has lived with me the last 3 years (girlfriend) just devestated me,I tried my best to change for myself and for her and was looking realy great if you have been following me then you would have seen where i went out of town for small vacations to help me cope with sobriety and not being able to drink,I just took this girl to the beach and came home from work last night and she moved out on me and left me like I was a nobody Sobriety didnt seem to be the answer last night so I went out and bough a few drinks,I didnt get trashed but I didnt need to,Im caught bethween wanting to be sober now but this has realy triggered me and i dont want it to get the best of me,Anyways everybody have a great day.


Sorry to hear of your relationship issues, that’s always a rough one to go through because nobody ever knows how it really was between you two. Really hope your able to continue with sobriety even after your slip, life is so much better without alcohol and perhaps one day she will see how well you are doing without and come back to you but until then keep working on you for you.

Well i doubt you will find love in the bottom of a bottle. Sometimes you may have created more damage than you could fix. Im sure she knew it but communication is important without that you dont have much. You have to keep being a better person and someone who respects you will cross path and give you more of what you want and deserve… Just have to be patient… She wasnt even worth the money spent to get drunk…

A few cheap shots of anger, a couple of bottles of resentments, several pints of regret followed by some self pity chasers. I don’t know much about love mate but drinking never solved any of these it only ever added to the misery.

Relationship issues are never easy and our broken heart strings are some of the most difficult to repair. But 30 days is still 30 days and no one can take that from you. That’s a month out of your life that you haven’t been putting poison into your body and you will be better for it…despite the setback, a month of sobriety is a win. We grow in moments of chaos and trauma, not when everything is good. Fall forward, pick yourself up and know that you will be stronger because of this. The forum is here to support you.


Given your current situation, I thought this might be a good post to check out.

Want to think all of you for caring and your wise advise it was much needed.

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I am so sorry for the change. You sound like you are feeling a lot of strong emotions. Choose sobriety for yourself, not for anyone else. Love yourself enough to want this; and, try to find other coping mechanisms that will help you self-soothe.

Change for yourself and only yourself.

I have learned that there is no problem or situation a drink doesn’t make worse.
So sorry for your pain, try come back and use the program to make you strong again :hugs:


That is tough to be blindsided like that! I’m sorry you’re hurting. Very smart to reach out here! Drinking will make everything worse! Be strong.