365 days of sobriety down!



Great work, well done :smiley:


Congratulations. This is very motivating. I was trying as of Jan 1 to make it then I relapsed. So my new day one was yesterday. I will succeed! Stay Strong.


Inspiring. And well done.


Congratulations! Amazing work!


Kudos @Stephy. But remember, it is still one day at a time.


Thankyou to everyone for all of the kind words! All of you have inspired me in some way throughout this year, through this app. I’m so thankful that I found this community of such supportive, awesome people. I know everyone will be successful in their journey, don’t give up! Much love to all of you💜




I believe in you! It’s so worth it hun!!


You got this girl!!


Congratulations, Stephy! Keep it up!!


Congratd, i am two weeks sober. Enjoying it. Realizing how much of life i wasted and the better options on the otherwise of drinking