365 days of sobriety down!



I made my year! Sobriety is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and I will never go back, life is so good!


Awesome!!! Congratulations! Glad to see so many people celebrating their years sober the past few days.I think it gives hope to any newcomer starting out here. It can be done.

Keep up the good work!!


It’s a wonderful life indeed, never look back.

January is gonna be full of rebirthdays, and its a lovely sight to behold.


Great work, looking good lovely :+1:


congrats on the amazing success…Keep it up…one day at a time


Congratulations! What incredible changes you have made. Thanks for helping all of us remember that getting sober really is possible.


Wow! Huge congratulations on your year!!!


Congrats ! It if best thing we can do for ourselves


Congratulation, you look fab too!:tada:


Thanks for putting in the work. Bettering ourselves betters the world around us. You’re doing your part and I appreciate that!


Congratulations, thank you so much for sharing! Beautiful picture :stars:


That’s amazing!


Congrats!!! Cant wait to hit my year mark this next New Year day!!




That’s awesome!!! Next year will be mine!!!

“NO DRINK NINETEEN” 2019 is my year!

Congratulations, you’re such an inspiration :hugs:


Boom! Round of applause to you!


Inspiring. Congratulations!!!


Right? I thought exactly the same :blush: Wonderful to see so many rocking the sober life :muscle:


Great minds think alike!!


Congratulations girl! You’re glowing! :star_struck::blush: