6 weeks sober

Today I have made it to six weeks sober from alcohol. Probably the longest I have been sober in around 28 years. I’m away on vacation with my wife this weekend and still managing to stay sober. I feel great, almost as if my life has begun again. The urge to drink still hits me most days but the craving is different now, as though I’m more aware of what I would lose if I have a drink. I’ve never had the classic hitting the rock bottom but I’ve dodged more bullets than I care to remember and my luck can only go on for so long. If one of those bullets hit I could lose everything.
I’ve not attended AA or anything like that. I’ve tried to educate myself with reading and podcasts and alcohol has definitely lost it’s charismatic charm. I’ve shared with my wife and family creating a sense of accountability. This afternoon I had to tell my wife that I was really thinking about a beer after a long walk on the beach, but she knows how hard I’ve worked and it was soft drinks all round. Anyway just felt as though I’d spout off on here. Don’t post often but I’m on here reading everyday. So thank you all.


If you ever want to get rid of that urge I suggest AA. 6 weeks is definitely awesome, but getting rid of the mental obsession to drink is priceless.


The urge is going, through understanding what alcohol does to my body and how the mind becomes addicted. I would not have got to six weeks and genuinely enjoying sobriety without accepting the fact that I cannot control alcohol (moderation is misery) and educating myself. Here’s to all of us being the best people we can be!:blush:


7 weeks sober.
I’ve been out to the pub twice for food with people drinking around me. Had friends stay over for two nights in the week which normally mean everybody getting smashed. I’m still sober. Had my down moments but read here everyday and continuing to educate myself. Happy Sunday people!


I relate to so much of your story. I also read a lot and listened to a lot of podcasts.

5 weeks in and I feel amazing!


Well done on your 5 weeks! The feeling of freedom gets stronger, but it’s still one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. However the knowledge that we’re not alone brings so much comfort and strength. Thanks for posting it means a lot!


It really hasn’t been that hard this time. I stayed in for 2 weeks after work and read and listened to as much information as I could. It changed my whole view of alcohol. If you have to use willpower, it will always feel like you are giving up something valuable. If you see alcohol as a horrible poison which does nothing more than take people’s consciousness from them (and lives/ quality if life etc), it feels totally different.

I am so excited seeing the changes in my life. When I have bad days, I think how much easier it is to deal with as I have a clear head and no hangover.

These resources changed my life

These books also changed my life

This Naked Mind
The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober
The Sober Diaries
The Easyway to Control Alcohol

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I’ve read This Naked Mind and listen to the podcast. Currently reading Allen Carr’s Stop Drinking Now. My first resource was the Recovery Elevator podcast which I’m still working through from episode One which defiantly got me through my first month. I love the feeling that I’m educating myself and healing myself at the same time!

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Great I will check that one out too. Thanks!

8 weeks. Feeling even better. Out socialising I’m not craving alcohol at all. My mind is finally seeing alcohol for what it is. I know they’ll be tough times ahead but this feels like a good start.


12 weeks. Out tonight with work for Xmas party. It’s a free bar, whoop whoop! It doesn’t bother me at all. Taking my car so I can make a quick exit should the drunkenness start to bore me. Stay strong friends!


That’s great Phillip :blush:

Sounds like your really doing a good job man keep up the hard work and keep writing in here it really does help … :sunglasses:

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Back at the hotel. Sober. Outdanced my colleagues. Rock n roll! If I can do that anyone can!