90 Day No Alcohol Goal (Experiment) and weight loss Challenge


I keep trying and failing to quit drinking the past few weeks but I think it may be because I am looking at it as a forever thing. So I have decided not to put that much emphasis on the forever part and I have decided to make it an experiment. This is how I am going to describe it to my friends as most of them drink alot on the weekends and have trouble seeing me without a drink in my hand. So here we go! Today is Day 1 of my 90 Day No Alcohol Goal (experiment). I have been a heavy drinker for years and drink a few drinks every night. I quit last year for 5 months but I have slowly started drinking more during the week again and WAY too much on the weekends. I have drawn a line in the sand though. I need to get a handle on it again and I think writing it down here for other’s to see will be a good thing. So here’s to Day 1 of (at least) 90 without alcohol. Along with no alcohol I have signed up for a new gym and decided that I will make myself lift weights 4 days each week and walk at least 5000 steps every day whether I lift that day or not. To top all of this off I have started a Low Carb/High Fat/Mod. Protien lifestyle that limits me to 1200 calories per day. I have been doing the diet for a few weeks now and I think it will work well for my goals. At the end of 90 days I would like to see my weight down and my ambitions up. Here’s to another Day 1!


Sounds amazing! Well done you! I totally support you and would love to hear how you are getting on over the 90 days - great idea!


Awesome! I’m doing the same thing telling my friends drs recommended no drinking which my family dr did. Focusing on being stronger and healthier. I’ve already toning up and lost 3 lbs. I’m interested in doing a challenge if you are be fun I just hit my 30 days no alcohol. It’s hard indeed I am also trying to save money too my social life bit boring right now :slight_smile: keep it up if interested being a weight loss buddy let me know!


great idea! let us know how you’re getting on :slight_smile:
I’m also using exercise and nutrition to keep me on track- definitely fills the gap that not drinking leaves

PS. if either of you are interested it might be fun to have a whatsapp group where we can check in about health and fitness and sobriety


Hi Diesel, I am struggling as well and love that you put up this post. I’m IN! Love the challenge and could lose a couple of pounds. Please lets stay connected.


Thanks for your support everyone! It makes a difference having that positive energy flowing from all of you! Nice to know we’re not alone in this! I am going to try to check in once a day, or every other day to let everyone know how it is going. I have to say that I am excited to see the results and I am dedicated to following some very strict rules that I have made for myself. One of the rules is that I am only allowed to eat between the hours of 12pm-6pm. I didn’t eat very much for dinner last night and am struggling this morning to make it to 12pm! Have a great day everyone!


I would like to have a weight loss buddy!


@Mv22 I will deffinetly stay connected. It’s only 90 days right??!! :sweat_smile:


@breathebelievejen, I think a whatsup group sounds good! How do we get that going?


I’m in… I’ll start a gym counter.


WhatsApp is a phone app but it uses phone numbers to connect so I’m wondering if there’s another way to create a group that’s more anonymous. We could use this topic if people are happy for others to see what they’re sharing? :slight_smile:


I love the positivity in this post and I love that you keep on going! Good luck! I think taking it one day at a time is good. No failure here at all…just keep going x


This may sound stupid…but what is a gym counter? Lol. Is it just to count how many times you go to the gym or is it like an app to track progress?


I am fine with just using this topic and checking in here. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good morning everyone. Today is the start of day 2 and I woke up feeling great! (or as great as I could considering it was 3am). Stuck to my diet yesterday, got my 5000 steps in, ate low carb under 1200 calories for the day, and nothing to eat before 12pm or after 6pm. OH YEAH… and the best part…NO BOOZE! It has been a long time since I have been motivated like this and I love the feeling. Something in my mind just clicked Saturday night and I decided that I needed to make a change. Not just the drinking, or the diet, but a whole lifestyle change. On my days off I usually sleep in until 8-9pm. But I have decided that along with the rest of the restrictions that I have on myslef that I am going to be getting up at 4am and heading to the gym on my days off. I’m not sure if I will stick to this after the 90 days but I want to MAKE myself do it at least for the 90 days. I figure that way I can lift and walk/run and take a shower and be back home to wake my kids up at 7am for school. Well here’s to day 2! only 88 to go.


way to go! well done on hitting all your goals! I think the gym at 4 is an interesting idea. I was following somebody on FB that had several goals quite similar to yours (also including some other lifestyle goals like reading daily etc) for a 100 day challenge and it was really interesting and inspiring. Good luck with the 4 o clock; better you than me- I love my sleep :wink:


I hit my goals yesterday too :slight_smile: I got in 124 active minutes, did my DailyBurn365 workout vid, logged all my meals on MFP and didn’t binge eat in the evening yay! Plus no alcohol or coffee :slight_smile:
My other half gave me some money to spoil myself with so I decided to buy a new fitbit as my other one(s) broke (and some new fitness stuff… scales, a kettlebell, more dumbbells, gym ball, yoga mat :blush: would feel bad but I’d have spent that money on vodka without a second thought!). I upgraded to a Charge 2 and I love it… seeing the numbers and charts is great motivation for me to hit my goals. I actually underate yesterday and only hit just over 1200cals… actually aiming for around 2500; I’m in a very small deficit so I lose fat and not my precious muscle :wink: Mostly I’m happy with the not binge-eating in the evening. The combo of my meds plus boredom and habit means I do this way too often and end up feeling sick and it affects my sleep and the way that my psych meds work which apart from feeling crappy can put me at risk of drinking.

I had made a promise to myself not to go in the pub at least for the next few months but I ended up going in while we were waiting for a firework display. Had an anxiety attack outside the pub trying to figure out what to do and was honestly starting to think “oh I could just have one or two”. And even though he said we could just walk home I couldn’t make my feet just start walking away from the pub. Thankfully my OH wouldn’t let me drink and bought me an orange juice and one for him in solidarity (he got a pint while I was in the toilets though lol) and we sat in the quieter section so my anxiety dissipated pretty quickly and I was immediately so happy that I hadn’t drank! Massive achievement for me to be in a pub on a Saturday (and bank holiday weekend!) evening and not have a drink. Woke up this morning feeling really pleased to be sober and not hungover and having had to reset. Feeling slightly guilty and anxious though because I felt close to it going the other way and that’s pretty scary.

Well that was epic!
I’m gonna have some lunch and then do my workout :smile: Have a great day!


Well done! OMG that wrestling with the “just one or two” thought is a nightmare. I had it last night and lost. Reset. Stay strong. Stay positive…my mantra. And if we slip or stumble we can get back up. Each day is a new beginning x


ugh and I have definitely done that experiment enough times to know the outcome!! sometimes it’s like I just forget that I am choosing not to drink… selective memory maybe :wink:
sorry to hear you had a slip but well done for resetting- the most important thing is that you’re still here and picking back up where you left off!


I’m gutted, 2 weeks sober and I’ve managed to put on weight :sob: