90 Day No Alcohol Goal (Experiment) and weight loss Challenge


I think that’s fairly common early on… trying to eat through the cravings, lack of energy and general grumpiness :wink: I’ve heard it gets better and normalises after a few months though! However I do think some of us need the extra weight or at least the nutrients from actual food as opposed to the empty calories and deficiencies that alcohol was providing.


I’m not gonna lie, I have been eating way more chocolate than usual lately :disappointed:, I went off it for years,I think all the wine was giving me my sugar fix so I never really craved it. Now its every night lol not good.


ohh I can relate! I want all the sweets when I stop drinking lol I suppose because vodka is pure carbs. It’s already subsiding though. I’ve been having chocolate and sweets but as a topping for porridge so that I feel satisfied but still get some vitamins in there, don’t eat as much and don’t get a massive sugar crash. My cupboard looks like a sweet shop… chocolate chips, marshmallows, smarties, chocolate fudge :smile:


also though… enjoy the chocolate! if it keeps you sober, eat the whole kg bar :wink:


:laughing: that’s a good idea, I might put some in my porridge then I don’t have to feel so bad about it :grin:


I was just going to start a counter on sobertime, and reset it, if I miss any days.


Hey Diesel how are things going for you? :slight_smile:


last 2 days have gone well for me. No alcohol and caffeine or any other drugs yay. Went to an AA meeting for the first time in a little while and received such a wonderful welcome back from my home group! There were quite a few lapsers/relapsers in and it was a very powerful meeting. Did have a few drink cravings while I was in there (I think just thinking about drink is a trigger for me atm) but I did not pick up the first drink and I’m glad to be sober right now and today.
I’ve also hit my fitness targets. Tried a kettlebell workout on Monday which was new to me and a nice little challenge (mentally and physically). 83 active minutes on Monday and 175 yesterday. Did a workout video yesterday plus a quick go on the rowing machine and incline walking on the treadmill while watching a personal development video and then live music- had a lot of fun and felt buzzed after gym :smile: AND no binge eating! Have felt more energetic through the day for eating regularly and consistently. And discovered Bounty milk spread which is delicious! Absolutely exhausted last night and this morning, very satisfying :slight_smile:


Well everyone I am back. I had a rough week last week and didn’t take time o get on here to log my progress (or non-progress in this case). I had some vacation time that I had to take and I slipped back into my old ways over the holiday weekend but started on my same goals again Monday morning at midnight. So I am currently on day 3 of a new 90 day stretch that I am committed to complete. So, no booze, Low carb, walking (at least on average) 5000 steps a day and making myself hit the gym to lift at least 4 days a week. Also using intermittent fasting as a tool. So I am only allowed to eat between 12pm (noon) and 6pm. Not sure if anyone is still going or wanting to start but I am here.


I am back today. I wanted to get on here Monday morning but I felt ashamed having failed over the weekend by drinking and eating. My wife’s mother was in town from across the country and she made all sorts of Italian dishes and pies and even a pumpkin cheesecake and the worst thing was I justified drinking along with it because I figured I had already failed. Well I am back and stronger and committed. Today is day 3. I am feeling great and looking forward to the next 90 days!


If connecting your sobriety to your diet failed in the past you might want to switch that part of your sober plan up a bit @Diesel :blush:
Great job holding yourself accountable and doing this hard stuff to try for a better life for you!

Why fast from 12-6? That seems to go against most everything I’ve read about when and how our bodies need the most food/fuel? I am curious :blush:


For a long time, one of my many excuses to keep drinking was fear of weight gain. I knew drinking wine in tge evening killed my appetite. In the first month or two sober, i definitely ate more. But it was worth it, and the sugar cravings went away after a while. I realized that for me, I needed to focus harder on tge core issues: not what I weigh or what I eat, but who I am and accepting/loving myself
Now, i feel very healthy, and slim, but more importantly, sober and more self aware. I worry that too much focus on weight in the early part of sobriety can put undue pressure on you.


I only allow myself to EAT between Noon and 6PM. Meaning that I am basically doing an 18 hour fast everyday. This seems to be working very well in helping me keep my calories down and with losing weight. I have already started to see the scale drop. Plus this is soemthing that I can adapt to the lifestyle change that I am aiming to create and live with after the initial 90 day challenge is over. Day 6 here we go!


I’m so glad you came back here and checked in. It’s all part of the journey imo, I’m sure you’ve learnt something from it :slight_smile: The food sounds absolutely delicious! How are you getting on?


I totally agree with this. I have a history of eating disorders and I’ve found the two are deeply linked. My eating is actually starting to normalise now that I’ve put less restrictions on what and how much I eat and by not counting calories. My number one priority right now is not drinking.Admittedly, this is harder said than done. My ED voice is telling me I’m fat and disgusting and shouldn’t be eating so much. I came in to this wanting to do everything perfectly and be the picture of health and fitness. BUT burnt out… I am focusing on being more patient and concentrating on being loving and compassionate toward myself- I am worthy of recovery and my sobriety means more to me and others around me than being slim and attractive ever will. I am better a plump and happy sober than a miserable but slim drunk in prison. I’m not putting my health and fitness goals aside, but prioritising my emotional health- using moderate exercise and food to heal me rather than to become some kind of superwoman :smile: sorry for the long post


It’s great that you’re getting healthy! Although I think 1200 calories might be a little low for someone who is exercising regularly. You won’t be able to build muscle if you aren’t eating enough. Although I don’t know how tall you are, what your build is, etc… so that could change my opinion.


I’m on 7 days no alcohol and day 2 of beachbody workouts. I am determined too if I can’t drink to make myself healthy at least w exercise I still love y food :slight_smile: but being conscious. I have a heart condition and need the salt their diets I don’t agree with but loving the exercises!


How you guys holding up? I am on 10 days but I do join your guys experiment because I know I kust can not handlle any kind of substance. Still curious how you guys doing. Dont forget. Just one day at once.


When I first stopped drinking the weight came off pretty easy and I was going to the gym about 5 days a week and lost 20 pounds the first 2 months. More than anything i was on the eliptical. And also successfully completed ab 28 day egg diet. It was intense but ive kept it off and then some. And I’ve stayed sober!


I’ve messed up major this past weeks. I just feel hopeless and ashamed this is a problem with me. I’m determined to change so bad I made it to 32 days before I can do it again! I lost some weight past month have to get back into exercise and no pop or fast food :slight_smile: