90 Day No Alcohol Goal (Experiment) and weight loss Challenge


I am right there with you. I have messed up over the last few weeks also. Drank a little bit last night as well. But today is a new day. Just leaving the gym feeling awesome after a great workout. Today starts the day one again. We can definitely do this!


I’m in! 12 days sober today. Will start going to the gym asap because I have a head cold. Thanks for the inspiration!


If you truly are super active and otherwise healthy, the weight should drop off once you quit drinking. You never quite realize how many calories you’re taking in that way.


Have you ever looked up how many calories are in a pint of vodka? Crazy!!


I stopped drinking 90 days ago and have put on 2 stone! I was also put on antidepressants around the same time and have read that the ones i take slow ur metabolism. I’ve been eating more chocolate to replace the sugar from the wine as Well, but not that much to make me put on all this weight! It’s happened so fast, it’s never happened like this before. Going to see the doc tomorrow to come off of the happy pills, but at same time I don’t want to get depressed again and turn to drink. But I’m depressed being fat. Lol. I can never win, losing weight through sobriety was one of the things I was looking forward to. Typical :laughing:


Chels2017 good luck at the Docs! I took some happy pills when I first quit drinking as well but I soon realized how good I felt just by being sober and I flushed the happy pills. I did pretty well for about 5 months and then I slowly started drinking again and the weight came back. My wife and I had a talk yesterday and it seems like she is unhappy with her weight and I have not really fully committed to this challenge until right now. TODAY starts day 1 and I intend to see it through the 90 days and beyond.


Good luck @Diesel, I went to docs, he said the pills can increase appetite, he’s lowered my dose and given me diet pills as Well. Can’t wait to lose weight and gain some confidence :grin:


Stay Strong/Go You!


I’d love to be in this group!!


I’m am also looking to lose weight while on this journey. So far I have lost 7 pounds in 21 days, and I am hoping to lose lots more through hiit and weight lifting.


Let me join you guys, I would love to lose a stone (or a bit more, like 8 kilograms). Currently on day 8 and I work out via YouTube. I do Pilates and yoga, it’s all I can manage at the moment with these terrible headaches.


Welcome Benedictine! I had to start my counter over on Sunday morning so I am back on day 3 of this challenge. I am going to try to check in a few times a week to try to stay on track better this time. I also made up a huge calendar out of poster board and hung it on the wall in our house with goals and reward days on it as well. Currently I am working on the 90 day challenge but personally I have extended that to 16 weeks which is actually 112 days. I also modified the first week to include a 3-5 day water fast. Tomorrow will be day 3 but I have set a goal that if I make it 5 days, I will then receive a reward day for Christmas Day so I can still enjoy the food my Mom will be serving at her house that day. I feel like I am better equipped this time to deal with the challenges I as an alcoholic face in every aspect of socializing. I have failed several times over the past few moths but each time I come back more determined and with more knowledge than the time before.This time I WILL make my goal.


I’d like to join this challenge too! I’m on day 7 and I’ve probably put on some weight :sob: I’d like to lose 5 kg more or less. But most of all I want to be healthy, active and sober!


Well, today is day 4 of no alcohol and day 3 of my water fast. I have decided that I want to go for the 5 day marker which means I will be able to eat a salad or strictly meat/veggie meal on Friday at 5 PM. I have read that after the first 3 days of a water fast that it gets easier in that your hunger goes away and you begin to have a sense of mental clarity. If I am honest I have been reading about water fasting and its health benefits for years but I have always failed after a couple of days. I would honestly like to extend this past the 5 days but I want to make that goal before making that decision. I have also decided to weigh myself on Sundays so I won’t be able to report my weight loss until then. Have a great day everyone!


I have been doing intermittent fasting for about 6 months now. This means I eat my meals roughly between 11 AM and 7PM. Or between noon and 8 PM. This 16:8 diet (lifestyle) works for me! Now that I don’t drink anymore I have noticed that I do not crave sweets at night.

Day 10 and I have lost that bloated feeling. Like you, @Diesel, I intend to weigh myself this Sunday. Let’s see if we can shed a few pounds, eh?


Is this still going on? I’ll join!


I like to challenge myself, and I think setting short, medium, and long-term goals is a good way of accomplishing these goals. In my branch of the military we called it the mission’s “final result desired”.

If I may make a small suggestion that has helped me refine and focus some goals and challenges is to define the ultimate objective or “final result desired”. It’s the “why?” Of it.

Here is an example from previous experience:

I once decided to get back in shape and lose weight. I started a paleo-diet and swam laps 3-4 times a week. Good but kind of vague. Then I decided I wanted to raise money to help a friend who was going through cancer treatments, who couldn’t work during her treatment. I decided to swim a 10K. 6.2 miles. I told all of our mutual friends and they told other friends, and it kinda went a little viral. Now I was committed. I asked them to sponsor me for 5, 10, or 25 cents a 50meter lap. Some pledged a dollar a lap. I picked a date now I was on-the-hook.

I trained 1 hour a day 4 days a week for 3 months. Lots of laps. Eating healthy. When out and offered a drink, I said, “Thanks, but I’m training”.

On the day, a few people showed up to see me start. A couple came and went. One (my friend)sat close-by and counted my laps, and wrote them on a board for me. Took me 4 hours 23 minutes, no stopping except to drink water in a bottle at the end of the lane. I was fried at the end and had to use the ladder to get out. Raised almost $3K (paid her mortgage for 2 months).

What I got out of it was I lost 30 lbs, was sober for 4 months, blew away my doctor during my annual physical, respect from my friends, and my wife couldn’t keep her hands off me.

I should have picked another challenge right away, but didn’t for a year. Went back to eating junk, and worse,;drinking.

Good luck to you. Press on,;regardless


Yes. We are still chugging along. I had to restart this week and am on day 4 no alcohol and on day 3 of this challenge.


Thanks @Yoda-Stevie! I think that is why I have started and failed so many times at this. But this time is different because you are right, I have an end goal in mind and I have also set goals midway as well. I am using the midway goals to give myself rewards throughout the challenge.


Sounds good @Benedictine! When I start eating on Friday I will be doing IF as well. I am going to only have a 2 hour window (2pm-4pm) and will only consume meat and vegetables. So this will be a combination of the I.F. and Keto diet. Along with exercise and no drinking I hope to lose 50-60lbs in the next 16 weeks. I will post my weight loss for the week on Sunday. Can’t wait to see yours as well!