AA for me?

Nothing against AA ! I think there great ! I just don’t know if they are for me. I’m not great at talking in front of others and I quite don’t understand their literature because I have a learning disability with reading and understanding what I read.


Definitely something to still try. I did. Wasn’t for me either. There’s other ways to get and stay sober. Just got find what works for u. Sobriety is a journey. You make your own path🤘🏼


I don’t like talking either….you are never required to. You can just listen. If the meeting you go to passes the book around for everyone to take a turn reading you can ALWAYS say “pass” and hand the book to the next person. There is no judgement at all.

But you can also pick a speaker meeting instead. That one will still go through the “ceremony” of opening readings but they shouldn’t pull anyone out that doesn’t want to, but the main part of the meeting is just one person sharing their story. Speaker meetings are my favourite.



AA is not for who needs, is for who wants. If you want to be sober you only have to follow a program that is already written and helped millions.

Sometimes can be hard, I had to understand to identify with the similarities and not the differences.

If AA is for you? The only requisite it’s desire to stop drinking. Day by day or hour by hour, great thing’s will appear. I have crappy days, Fabolous days, but the only thing that matters is at the end of the day I didn’t drink and I’m grateful for that everyday. And I pulled action to my day everyday.

You’re in the right place, in time chose a sponsor. Try AA with honesty, open mind. The only person you can’t shit is you.


Someone else posted that had a learning disability and asked about an easier version of the big book. Here’s a link to one of the great responses they got but the entire thread is worth reading.


Awesome ! Thank you Lisa07 ! :+1::blush:

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ive sponsored guys with learning difficulties my oldest son has Dyspraxia and Dyslexia so i understand your worries but give a meeting a try ,you wont know how it is until you try it . you just have to sit and listen dont have to say or do anything youl be ok wish you well

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AA is for me. I swore I would never go, because it wasnt for me.

Then I was about to drink. Drinking wasnt for me either. AA, in my estimation would not kill me, drinking would…

So, I picked the lesser of 2 evils. Glad I went, and I wish i would have went sooner.