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it s 10:08 AM i did not sleep all night fighting the urge to binge i never realized how hard this could be . i had veru intense urges for 8 hours strghait i so exhausted and so worried that i m not gonna be able to fight it off next time. i m just tired and in so much pain .


Congrats on yourthe sobriety :muscle::kiss::cool: I hope we all stay focused and free from all evil . Even though there are triumphs we must push our selves to the fullest :blue_heart::kiss::blue_heart:


Just putting this out there. Stay strong and we are all together in getting better.


Hi, I so very well hooking sober days when I am working during the week. I loose my ability to stay sober when I have free time and I am with my husbamd who also drinks in the evening and our relationship has been difficult the last few years. The alcohol helps me cope, sadly. I am reading , but would a support group or sponcer be helpful? Thanks!


Today I am 12 days sober and for the past 3 days it seems I’ve had this sadness on me. And then it turns to anger I lash out cry, repeat. I feel mistreated and everything puts me on edge. I know I am not alone that I share a common similarity with all of you but I still feel alone, embarrassed, ashamed and full of guilt. I am trying hard to reach out but when I do it’s not a very welcoming embrace. The looks and scoffs I just am not sure where to turn and I feel the heavy in my soul.


Bet your fur. I say that because I read “It” when I was like 9, and apparently between the “old” phrases and smoking Pall Mall’s, I’m an old lady. GOOD WITH THAT! Is a hash tag two words? What’s Tweeters?


Focus on the Now…the urge is not reality because it’s existence is in an unwritten future. Be present…Godspeed

I hope you are doing a lot better! I’m new to this app and I can understand we’re you are coming from!

I feel cranky at 25 days sober, unstable and ballistic. I hate myself when I am moody but I can’t help myself. Only asking forgiveness afterwards

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Hi I believe I posted my vent in the wrong group but I’m still trying to get used to this app and how it works I’m less then a week into my recovery and I’m feeling anxious and angry. This is also the first time I told my loved ones that I relapsed and it was really hard because my biological father struggled with drug abuse and I feel like I let my mom down and my sister because my mom always says I remind her of my dad and then here I am struggling with drug abuse but getting sober and I can’t help to feel that they don’t see my face they see my dads… it’s just a very emotional first few days

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Hey there I’m not sure if you knew or could be interested in a Suboxone clinic treatment for alcohol use I am currently on Suboxone for my heroin use in the past honestly this treatment has changed my life for the better and I have remained sober for over two months now and it’s changed my life so much for the better :slight_smile: thought I would share that with you here to chat anytime

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That’s awesome!