Action for Happiness - New Things November 2019

Haven’t done one of these for a while but saw this and thought it’s something I want to try and revive again. November is all about trying new things.

Learning affects our well-being in lots of positive ways. It exposes us to new ideas and helps us stay curious and engaged. It also gives us a sense of accomplishment and helps boost our self-confidence and resilience. There are many ways to learn new things - not just through formal qualifications. We can share a skill with friends, join a club, learn to sing, play a new sport and so much more.

If anyone else wants to get involved please do, the more the merrier :sparkles:


1. Make a list of new things you want to try out this month

A couple of things inspired by this forum, hot yoga and ice skating.

I have bought an electric bike and I want to try and use it to commute a couple of times a week, starting this month.

There is another belly dance class I’d like to go to, two a week might be too much but I would like to give it a go.


2. Broaden your perspective: read a different paper, magazine or site

I spent some time reading the website of a different newspaper. I do follow a few on Facebook which have views that I tend to strongly disagree with, but I don’t often see them because of the algorithm I guess.

It’s interesting how it’s not just different approaches to the same stories, the whole thing is different. The one I usually read has lots of climate change news on it whereas on this one, there was one story from a couple of weeks ago talking about the fact that a scientist has claimed it’s kind of a big deal.

I don’t know whether newspapers shape the views of the people who read them, or people read papers that reflect their views (I would guess both?), but it’s good to be reminded that we all have different priorities and views on the world. Especially now there’s going to be an election in the UK, it can get a bit nasty. I will try my best to understand other people’s views, rather than just push my own.


3. Enjoy new music today. Play, sing, dance or listen.

Ok so I’m about to go to bed (very early, but much needed) and it’s too late for this now. But I will listen to my release radar playlist on Spotify tomorrow!


4. Today meet someone new and learn something about them.

Spoke to a charity fundraiser on the street today, he seemed up for stopping for a chat. I haven’t really had the opportunity to meet anyone else new.

I did message someone I haven’t been in touch with for a while about going to a local open mic night this evening. I will probably meet more new people there!


I just got caught up and realized yesterday I in fact did day 3! Listened to some music from the Gorillaz that I never have before. Partner and I were jamming to it and I was dancing despite having work in my lap. Funny how life works that way sometimes. I think day 4 (today) will be challenging but I will try. :slight_smile:

Anyways, thanks for posting! This type of challenge resonates well with me.


I just wanted to let you know that I still love these threads, but new things seem overwhelming as we propel into the short dark days of winter and the stresses of the holiday season. I feel like I have both hands on the wheel, and nothing to spare! So I’m recognizing such things as I’m already doing, but not adding effort. I am putting together a stand up comedy bit for a charity event. In terror that I will forget everything as soon as I step on stage! I am introducing the year end award winners in a horse discipline other than my own, so I’m meeting new people and reading new trade rags to prep.
It will be new to have every day of the Holiday quarter (November/December/January) AF, but we’re all here to GO FOR IT!


Oh wow stand up comedy, amazing! Look forward to hearing how that goes :blush:

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Catching up!

5. Choose a different route and see what you notice on the way

So today I had a training thing and I took the train instead of driving to Liverpool. I got in with plenty time and had a wander through the park by St. George’s Hall. Very nice! Also got a bit of work done on the train. Much better than sitting in an hour long traffic jam.


7. When you feel you can’t do something, add the word "yet"

Hmmm I’m not in a very self doubty frame of mind at the moment so that’s good.


Gorgeous picture! I love how historical Europe is, such a special energy. My early day sobriety is hard to keep up but I like the idea of doing this with more intention in future months for myself :slight_smile:

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What cool things you have coming your way soon! What @siand said, look forward to hearing about these adventures!

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I skipped day 6 :see_no_evil: so doing that today instead.

6. Make a meal using a recipe or an ingredient you’ve not tried before

Will have a look at what’s in the fridge when I get home. Got a couple of recipe books in mind that I can put to the test!


Day 6, part 2. Nigel Slater had me covered with a swede and potato cake. Delicious!


Every time I go to my ladies home group meeting, I end up going a different way. I’m not very familiar with the city. Today I passed by a Japanese garden I want to check out; I hope to also have a photo to share!


Oh, I did this by mistake! I made a pumpkin pie with a ginger crust, but grabbed the wrong spice jar, and used hot curry! Guess what, it worked! I made a hot pepper peanut butter sauce for topping, and everyone at the community dinner thought I planned it all. Now if only I had turned on the kitchen light when I made my coffee, I might not have put pumpkin seeds in the coffee grinder. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That recipe sounds so good! Looks good, too! I love root vegs and this time of year!


Pumpkin spice latte? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


8. Today connect with someone from a different generation

I’m going to hand out some posters today for an event I’m planning so I should have the chance to speak to some different people.


Part two… I did this today. Ended up chatting to an older guy down at the allotment. He has chickens there so that was a good talking point. I also saw a friend with a 3 month old who I absolutely adore and I had lots of snuggles with her. So I think I tick the connecting with different generations box both ways today!

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