Advice on emotional symptoms?

Hi all. Almost at the 48 hour mark. I vaped for about 2.5 years. I’ve been handling the cravings and the nausea alright but the emotional impact is what is getting to me. Pure rage and at the same time, wanting to burst out in tears! I have a very stressful job and am on my Wednesday of the week at the moment. Didn’t really want to quit on my Tuesday morning but I knew I wouldn’t be successful if I tried to stop on my off days. I was expecting the rage/anger aspect but definitely not the sadness! Any tips/tricks for anyone that’s experienced or is experiencing something similar? TIA.


Hello, welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:. If you use the search function you may be able to find threads that have information you’re looking for. Is it nicotine that you quit vaping?


Thanks Dan! Yes, nicotine.

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(Grumpy A-holes (quitting cigarettes/ nicotine products))

This link has some good information. I quit nicotine all together over 12 years ago now, I remember it wasn’t easy.


I think the thing to remember is this is just your body dealing with the nicotine addiction. There is nothing actually wrong. And really it means you are beating the nicotine addiction! The nicotine monster that has set up camp is trying some sneaky tricks to make you cave in. But if you do, all you are doing is causing the next craving.

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Thanks! Trying my best. At the 14 day mark now and I feel like my anger and sadness just gets worse as I move into the next day.


You will need to find a way to releave stress other than smoking.


It can be an emotional time!

I am linking to a recent post of mine on the grumpy a-holes thread.

Basically smoking decreases our ability to cope with stress, because we rely on nicotine. Of course though all nicotine really does is create more stress when the withdrawal/ craving cycle kicks in.

A bit further down the thread I link to a BBC Sounds podcast on quitting smoking which I found super helpful. And there are loads of other great tips in that thread :slightly_smiling_face: