Alcohol free Lent Challenge


As a starting point I’d like to give up alcohol for Lent - 40 days; and hope to get into a healthier lifestyle by resetting completely. Please feel free to join me in this challenge; it will help me stay on track!


I am definitely going alcohol free for lent. I am at 58 days sober today and I most certainly will not be drinking during lent with you!


This is my 2nd Lenten season, sober, with all the months in-between sober as well. If giving up for Lent is motivation to get you started, go for it. I’ll be sober right there with you, and beyond if you want to come along.


I’m only on Day 1 but I guess you have to start somewhere! Thanks for your support!


Wow! That’s amazing! Thanks for your support x


457 days of getting better at getting better.


Everyone has a day 1! Congrats on making this commitment and I applaude you for making this commitment on Mardi Gras instead of waiting until Ash Wednesday tomorrow :blush:


I’ll join!


Im giving up giving up things for lent. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

On a serious note it sounds like a good way to start on the road to being sober full time! You can do it!!!


Day 2! Feeling terrible, but I know this will pass.


Thanks! Day 2 here I come!


Count me in. Back on the wagon for lent after a few fails.


For me it started as a “Dry January Challenge”. This is where i am now: March and no end to the challenge in sight. If you make it these 40 days the desire to go back where you have been coming from shall be gone. At least that is my experience


I did this a few years back and loved it. Today is day 1 for me and i do have some anxiety with it. I know i got this & am so thankful i found this app. Love to all of you out there.


I’m in. Just hit 60 days today. Hopefully, this will add to my motivation to hit 100 :+1:


Go 100! So close!


Day 3! Here we go!


Day 4 and TFI Friyay : )


Day 5 after sleep has finally made an appearance! Feeling happy! How is everyone else doing?


Sleep what is this thing you call sleep? Also doing nicotine free, so the insomnia is even more annoying since I feel sleepy. But through the tough part so far.