Alcohol free Lent Challenge


Congratulation on day 5. Almost the first week done. Good job


Thanks! It’s definitely getting easier now.


Oh no, that’s so frustrating! I’m sure it will come soon. Hang in there :four_leaf_clover:


We can do this! How’s it going?


Still going strong. Going to brunch and a play this afternoon. I’m sure my friend will want a drink, but I will be ready to order something non alcoholic. I’ve also noticed if I order first and set the tone, she will abstain as well.


I started my journey 3 days agonon Ash Wednesday. Lets do this!
I plan on staying sober WAY beyond Lent, though. I’m unable to casually drink like normal people, so I’m choosing life. :blush:


All good here. Day 5 tomorrow :+1: :facepunch:


Day 6, checking in! Snowed overnight here!


Staying strong since last Wednesday. Been keeping myself busy by working a lot. Was supposed to be a huge snow storm where I’m at but it was mostly sleet and rain. Thank goodness because i don’t know how much more of this winter I can take.


Yesterday got long, I was BEYOND tempted several times over, but stayed strong! Day 5, here I come. :hugs:


1st Sunday and the reading was the tempting of Christ, Amen. It’s all a glamour by the devil. AF & NF: Day 5.


Day 7 = 1 week! Feeling better every day! Let’s keep this going!


Im just getting off work and today is my first day off since last Tuesday. Before last tuesday on a day off for me id definitely look forward to having drinks… and am honestly thinking about it. I know i cant but today will be a temptation. Good vibes needed. Good Monday everyone.:blush:


Keep strong! I go out for a run now when the wine witch starts whispering! You can do this!!!


A coworker mentioned to me she was thinking @ giving up booze for Lent. I said Me, too! We’re supporting eachother and both stayed dry over the weekend. I. An’t wait until Wednesday when i can declare week 1. It will be my first sober week in 3 years! :grin:


That’s amazing! Well done!


Day 8. Hope you all get through this Stormy Tuesday! It’s howling here!


I did it! Kept busy by painting our bedroom and taking our fur babies out and about. Feeling good today minus not sleeping well or if at all. I work NOC shift so it’s hard for me to actually have a good sleeping schedule. Anyway, finally warming up where I’m at… 35 degrees feels wonderful :rofl:
Have a great day/evening everyone.


Finally some nice days, so getting out and taking walks. Yesterday by the gas station, where I bought my tobacco, today by the liquor store. I need to teach my body some new directions. LOL


Day 9! Almost double digits!