Alcohol free Lent Challenge


Day 10 - double digits yay!


Day 11! Another Friyay! How’s everyone getting on?


Wow @Hutz just opened up this thread and it’s brilliant to see you racking up the days as I read my way through it! Good for you! Well done to everyone else checking in here too! :star_struck::star_struck:


Thanks @Peace12! Very kind words x


Still hanging in… working every weekend helps. Yesterday i finally slept for 9 hours after a week of only sleeping about 15 total. Sure felt great! Happy Friday everyone:)


Day 12. Have lost a bit of weight :slight_smile: always good. Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.


Lovely Saturday everyone. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My kid got back from their trip and was a little upset I didn’t reply to any of his messages on Snapchat… messages he didn’t want his dad to read or know about. I logged in this afternoon to check what I missed out, but then deleted the app again. Anyone recommend any apps that allow you to chat that are safe for kids? Kik is a definite no, bc of the chatroom options.


I’m also checking in. A bit late, but it’s never too late, right?


Depends on ur pre measures. Ive never had kik but any messenger will allow link ups n chatability with other users. Snap chat deletes after things are read. I couldnt stand it that app. I use a texting app for another number for my business work . It just uses ur data to send n recieve text n calls. Or try some in the playstore. google has hangouts … You dont wanna snapchat dog ears on urself to show the world ? Lol


Haha giving myself a break from Snapchat, but it seems to be the only option for us now… I haven’t had a chance to really search the App Store yet. You can change it on Snapchat to keep the messages for 24 hours- that’s what we did.


My son is 10 so not quite there yet. Sorry i can’t help on that score.


Day 13! Wow, days are flying by now. Wishing you all a happy Sunday!


Happy St. Patrick day everyone! Feeling great and no hangover. :four_leaf_clover:


Day 14! 2 weeks! Wow! 3rd week ahead! Wishing you all a good one!


Have a great day everyone. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Morning! You too.


Morning! Hope you’re all well, have a fab day x day 15!


Day 1 again… Praying this time will be different. I find it difficult when driving home and i know the liquor store is on the way… Its tempting but i have to mentally block that out. Ive done it before. I can do it again. The first week is the hardest. Im going to approach things on a new level this time. Prayers would help if anyone out there could say a prayer for me. Thanks and God Bless us all


Look at it as a ‘blip’ and a learning experience - maybe try a different route home? Chin up! You can do this!