Alcohol free Lent Challenge


Almost at the 3 week mark. Feeling great. But still think about having drinks from time to time. :frowning:


Don’t stress about it too much! You’re nearly at 3 weeks which is when new habits are formed! Day 23 for me xxx


When i started dry january the first three/four weeks were the most difficult. Once i had the 30 day milestone i got dramatically easier. That is the reason why i decided to go on. Now i almost have the 90 day milestone :+1::muscle:


Way to go!!! I find good sleep a great motivation! How I am loving my sleep at the moment, it’s like a brand new love affair - with more sleep :joy:


Day 25 for me, i started a few days before lent due to yet another rock bottom incident and said enough is enough. My sober journey started with quitting the thing that has had control over my life, alcohol for lent. But it will not end there im going to take it one day at a time and say no to the first drink and start my new journey of a sober life. Good job to all who are comitted to giving up for lent and wish you all well with staying sober with me! This app and everyones messages and reflections always help me when i feel weak so i thank you and God bless


Happy Friday.
Im feeling blessed today. And that’s because of TS. I told my partner about this- and all of the amazing, smart, friendly, determined, strong and brave people on here, so he joined and said the first post he read it was spot on to how I described it. It’s honestly like a different world… out of all the social media sites or websites out there- i have never seen more truth and caring as I see here. Gives me so much hope for our world knowing there is people like all of you out there. :purple_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart::blue_heart:


Day 26! Had 2 days digital detox as well as a minor blip, but not enough to reset to day 1! Happy Mother’s Day out there!


Hope everyone is doing well💓


Morning all! A very rainy Tuesday here!


I love a good rain storm in the spring :slight_smile:


I can relate: I love the smell of napalm in the morning. It smells like “victory”.


Some rain and thunder showers projected for good ol’ Minnesnowta this weekend!
Also, day 30 for me:) have a great weekend everyone


Hope everyone has been well here. :slight_smile:


Hello all! Been away for a week and had no WiFi. Just checking in :slight_smile:


Warning. I did that last year. Afterwards i started drinking again like never b4 until july 30th. If you crank it back up again after Lent, i predict it will not go well.


Sorry to hear that your personal experience ended that way. My plan is to keep this stride going and just take a day at a time.


I have a friend who was inspired to try Lent by myself going sober. I saw him Friday and he has learnt and gained so much he is carrying on.


Morning all! Wishing you a very happy Sunday!


Lent is coming to the end. What is the plan on moving forward? Staying sober or falling back?


Staying sober! Taking a day at a time, checking in here & reminding myself every morning/day/night on how great it is to be sober. And how far I’ve come in these 46 days so far. :hugs:
Happy Easter to you and everyone here.