Alcohol trends in your country


My experience in the US is that it’s completely normal and shamed if you don’t drink. My work culture in particular is like this. I haven’t even told anyone at work I’ve stopped drinking yet because I don’t want to hear the shit - that I’ve shamefully said myself - said to me. You really are considered boring if you don’t drink.

Alcoholism is talked about openly, not like it’s a problem, but like it’s funny. I’ve said myself many times I’m an alcoholic and given examples and only gotten laughs and similar stories in return. Next even a slight sense of intervention or concern.

Most social situations, reality TV, places of entertainment, are alcohol centered. Also on the west coast here and the IPA epidemic is no joke. I was (am? It’s only my 5th day) part of that crowd. It’s “hand crafted” and has this and that much IBU. Really I just loved IPA’s for the high alcohol content. The taste grew on me, but I was in it for the buzz. It’s crazy how quickly I grew my tolerance with 7.5-9% beers.


Just listening to the radio and the new McDonald’s ad features a guy who is hungover so he is off to get a McDonald’s breakfast… that’s in the UK.


We have this thing called kalsarikännit which is always trending here


What is that? A type of drink?


It doesn’t translate to english…you have to google :wink:


When my kids where young it was normal to drink wine with the other moms after the playdate or after sports. Some days I had already 2 big glasses before dinner. A glass while cooking, with dinner and ooops empthy :grimacing:



:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: I went to another beach town today on my day off, I was looking for a ring for my sobriety anniversary…I found these below at one of the shops. I also found a grey flimsy tank top that I was going to buy and wear at the beach after… It was $88 so yeah I just went in what I was wearing lol

*Although I do like the sign in the last picture, I need to pin this up in my bathroom.


Omg​:joy::joy::joy:love the picture!
The first one is a glass pill??


“small lucite pill” :joy: could be yours for only $98. I touched it and I think it was similar texture to silicone lol


Was in mexico a few years ago. All the americans behaved so good compared to us norwegians. Dont thing I saw any american really drunk,like they could really handle it. Was thinking it might be because you are used to be able to buy it everywhere? Advertising,silly products (like pics above) ect.


On the news here


Two(?) Stores opened in Ottawa this week. One in the market


For some reason I think it’s 3 stores. But I won’t be going. LOL


Me either, never been my thing. I had an edible once. Never again.


Almost everything is linked to drinking in the uk!
Bad day - drink
Good day - drink
Film and drinks
Dinner and drinks
Summer? Drinks
Raining … in with drinks
Pubs are everywhere
Clubs also i cant believe how much time i wasted in those awful places!
Binge drinking is a big big problem in the uk in my opinion


I’m glad to see alcohol use decreasing in other countries.
In Ireland it doesn’t seem to be getting much better.
Funeral/Christening/Communion/Confirmation/Wedding/Birthday = Drink!
When people do go out to drink they usually binge drink. Street drugs have gotten more popular here too.
However there are alcohol free activities/nights and an alcoholic free cocktail bar that’s opened recently which is good.