Almost 6 months and feeling terrible

Hello, I’m pretty new here. I’ve been sober almost 6 months, and never felt worse. I am at my peak of feeling so bad that I don’t know what to do. Supposed to have more energy? Forget about it, I’m weak, my muscles hurt. Clear mind? Sometimes I feel like my face is vibrating, I feel enormous pressure inside my head like it’s filled with something, but something empty, it’s even a physical discomfort. I feel so blurry and my vision is worse. I cannot achieve this relief, feeling peace, it’s missing like burned out. I feel angry out of a sudden, mood swings, running thoughts. Those were things I was curing with alcohol but it went out of control of course. So I’m asking what is the point of this? I was supposed to feel better and I’m losing my mind. I may be mentally ill or have some actual physiological issue, I really hope so cause I don’t have an answer. I really don’t want to hear stuff like one day at a time cause it’s been months and for me it’s pointless, I feel like alcohol was keeping me sane for all those years but I was uncapable to control it and it started to be degenerative and now I’m left with nothing. Tried many drugs for anxiety and alcoholism but they actually make me feel worse. Just wanted to share how I am feeling lately, thank you.


Hey what’s up man. I’m 168 days and literally going through the same thing. I think it’s one a milestone thing, and two for me it’s a lack of me stopping on working my sobriety, im getting comfortable with the fact that I have sobriety and I don’t need to work it anymore. I had the energy, everything was on track and yeah I just thought everything was going to fall into place. It is one day at a time, im picking back up on a.a meetings and time to start working this, we can’t do this alone. Don’t give up and fall into the trap bro, you’re not going to like that outcome. Idc how miserable we are right now this shit will pass. But drinking everyday killing are self and really hating are self will stick a hell of alot longer. Look down and look at your feet and see how far you have come right now. Remember where you were and why u wanted sobriety. If my miserable ass can make it through this so can you bud


Alcohol wasn’t curing anything, it was just covering up. When you quit, the issues that were there in the first place: what led many of us to drink, are exposed. Only once they are exposed, can you really address them and try to heal. I would recommend going to a doctor about the physical symptoms you are experiencing and consider seeing a therapist to deal with other symptoms you described. For me, alcohol was a mask that kept me from dealing with underlying issues for a long, long time. It gets better, it really does. But pulling off the covers doesn’t clean the mess, it just exposes it. Now that you see it, you can address the route problems.


Meetings never did much for me, I met few great people though. I thought I work on my sobriety every day, by struggling and working my ass off and I am sober. Still thirsty af but sober, but what’s the point of it if I actually don’t feel good? Thank you mate for reply

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It was curing me for a while, I was a better person, liked myself better and everybody around, didn’t have to be drunk all the time but when I went into a binge it was really bad. I know now that it was destroying me but why am I suffering right now when I’m sober?


Have you been to see a doctor? Maybe there is some underlying issues.
You don’t say what you have been doing to help maintain your sobriety.
It’s a bit of a journey and I know at six months I was still feeling crap a lot of the time.


I am not drinking, that’s how I maintain my sobriety. I work a lot so it helps too. My problem is not to maintain sobriety, it’s why I feel worse than ever? I haven’t been to a doctor, planning to though

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I would go to the doctor.
There is more to getting sober than just not drinking.
Thing is I’m not a doctor, but it could all be related in some way.
Especially if, as you say, you were using drink to “cure” your problems.
You need to look at those problems with a doctor because drinking is not the answer.


I would also recommend going to the doctor, if nothing else its one thing to check off from a list of possibilities. I also say this because when I stopped drinking I had fatigue, headaches and heart palpitations and wondered what the point was. Turns out I had numerous vitamin deficiencies due to years of drinking and with supplements that were prescribed i felt better within a week!!

I think i had the symptoms before I stopped drinking but just put it all down to hangovers etc.

Best of luck to you!


Have you started to acknowledge and work through the reasons why you drank and changed your circumstances or alleviate the pressures within yourself to drink? You say you’re thirsty af, to me that sounds like booze is still mentally your immediate go to to solve your problems. Which your entire post speaks of, that you might aswell go back to drinking if you’re feeling shite, as least then you’d feel less shite. Nothing has taken alcohol’s place in your mind. You’re not making progress in your sobriety.
Well, you need to make your life worth living. You need to deal with your mood swings, your runny nose, your anger. With yourself. Either that or you let alcohol do that for you again. Which I think you also don’t want, otherwise you wouldn’t be asking for advice! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: That is great news!

On top of that, definitely go see your doctor, in case there is a physical issue or issues underlying. Equally important though, start working in yourself, through counseling, therapy, in AA, there are many ways.


Hi, welcome to the forum. I think you are doing the right thing for reaching out to us. Now you just have to be open and listen to what has been offered.

To sum up some of the things what others have suggested above:

  • Are you dealing with the underlying issues for your drinking? (mine was often for example loneliness, painful emotions and emptiness)
  • What new coping mechanisms have you worked with? (for me, reaching out to people and checking in with my emotions and what my body needs)
  • Could there be a medical issue that needs to be looked at?
  • What are you doing to work with your sobriety, other than not picking up the drink?

I suggest taking a good read here on the forum! The people here are nice, there are a lot of good threads discussing different topics related to sobriety, tips and ideas, support, resource and so on. I for example check in every day to maintain focus on my sobriety. Keep coming back :slight_smile:


Same here im 5 months sober and I don’t feel good at all. Sleep like shit I have little energy. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t go back to using. This depression is horrible and it definitely sounds like that’s what your suffering from my vision is blurry also. Feel like I could lay in bed all day. As what I’m told early recovery is very very hard and a rollercoaster ride of manic highs and depressive lows. I know I have bi polar disorder. The pink cloud syndrome really sucks. I wish I had answers but I hope it gets better for you/us. This aleays happens around the 150 day mark. I relapsed at 171 days last year. The was the longest off opioids I ever got. Alcohol/opioids and meth just completely fuck your head up the most in my opinion. I don’t know what’s worst anxiety or depression there both horrible and really effect your quality of life. I hear of the these good benefits people sober say they have but I’ve barely yet to feel them either I hate it sometimes. I know an oxy pill or bag of dope would give me so much energy and help me sleep but it would just make it worst down the road. Just not worth it.


Just wanted to say keep at it, it can only get better! Also @Kuba
Our bodies do their best at getting back to the original state, :wink:


Thank you all for replying, I found this app by accident and it’s awesome. My sharing how I am feeling is a desperate shout, I am not an open person, not many friends or not at all, like to be alone most of the time and mind my own buisness. I work a lot and it’s a stressful job but I feel the worst when I’m just at home and supposed to relax.

@Donna if it’s supposed to get better then why is it worse?

@dalex77 anxiety is what’s killing me the most but I’m also tired all the time and have no motivation to do anything even of I want to, I know few shots of liquor would take the edge off and I would feel happy again, for the moment, until I poison myself to the limits again,


I wish I had an answer; maybe the length of time you used has a correlation to how long the body needs to heal.


Hello @Kuba, it’s really great that you find this forum. As it was suggested before I also think that going to a doctor to check your physical sympotoms would be very beneficial. What you described is really similar to what Alcoholics Anonymous slang call “dry drunk syndrome” the name of these symptoms is quite controversial but hear me out, it typically means the following mood symptoms:

  • irritability, frustration, anger
  • rapidly chaning mood
  • low spirits
  • impatience, restlessness, or difficulty focusing
    *anxiety or worry about your ability to maintain sobriety
  • resentment that’s directed toward yourself, people who can still drink, or people who want you to quit drinking
  • negative or hopeless feelings about your ability to stop drinking
  • distraction or boredom

and the following behavioral symptoms:

  • aggressive or impulsive behavior
  • trouble sleeping
  • a tendency to judge, blame, or criticize yourself harshly
  • frustration with treatment, which may lead you to skip meetings or counseling sessions, or give up on them entirely
  • frequent daydreaming or fantasizing, often about alcohol use

You asked why it’s not getting better, and I think it is a really good question. And I may dare to change it up a little bit: how can you get better? I undestand that you you work a lot, therefore have limited time to go to meetings or therapy. Maybe try some baby steps such as books, or podcasts. Maybe try the avaliable resources in here, you only need a phone and a little time for that. Its not an easy road. But it will get better. Best of luck to you.

As wiser forum members than myself often say: keep getting better at getting better :relaxed:


Same here I got out and did more stuff in active addiction then being sober I rarely go out this corona virus has completely scared the crap out of me and being in Florida it’s horrible down here. I hate anxiety I’ve suffered from panic attacks for 10 years now. My depression is really really bad right now I have absolutely no energy at all. No motivation to go out and exercise because my energy is so low sleep sucks to really restless trying to fall asleep wake up numerous times throughout the night very weird dreams. I really hope we can get over this in are recovery and enjoy life like everyone else. I really might need to get on an antidepressant because I can’t take this depression anymore I really don’t have a life anymore and haven’t worked in awhile due to my drug use and horrible mental health. Post acute withdrawls absolutely suck. Let’s keep in touch please it’s hard doing this alone.


@purr thank you, that’s an interesting list, I think I could relate to all those points and probably more. I don’t know if anything can make it better, it’s a real mental torture and I don’t understand why it wasn’t that bad before but just now. I was quitting before and it wasn’t that bad

@dalex77 thank you as well, I hope it will get better for both of us otherwise where is the point of doing that? I decided to be sober and be good and this is my reward? I knew it’s not gonna be a picnic but right now the pain is not worth it


My anxiety is really bad today. I’m so drained and fatigued. Depression is sucking the life outta me.


I feel like I’m in a really dark scary place and I don’t know what to do with myself, I have periods of being okay for a bit then I get into this sticky hopelessness, I just realized that I miss words when I type, I’m scared this black cloud is gonna come again when I feel good. Sleeping helps, like my brain needs to be shut down to recover