Alt medicine and holistic therapies

Apologies if a thread of this kind already exists.

I’m really keen to hear about other people’s views, experiences, advice and info about Chinese medicine, and alternative and holistic therapies. What have you tried? What have you found to be beneficial? Which ones would you stick with or try again? How have they improved your life?

I have been recieving acupuncture for about 8 months. I was all about ready to give it up quite honestly, but then I found another acupuncturist who was closer to home and felt more medical than spiritual. I was very happy to give it another go, though had reservations about its efficacy. And then, I had the most amazing experience last week during a session where I came out feeling like a completely different person. It took away all the physical symptoms, nausea and anxiety, feelings of dread. I felt like a weight had been lifted, it was amazing and baffling. I’ve felt so much more resilient since that session.

I’d be keen to find out more about others’ experiences and what they can advise or recommend to a newbie to this world.


The first time I utilized acupuncture was for severe tendonitis when I was making my living as an administrative assistant and typing a lot. This was about 20 years ago and I had tried everything and suffered for a long time. Anyway…I went to an experienced acupuncturist once a week for about 3 or 4 months and in my session one week when they were placing the needles along my arm and into my hand and fingers, I literally felt a current (chi) flow down my arm and shoot out the tip of my finger, I literally felt the relief of the cleared energy blockage and that was it for the tendonitis. It was amazing and to this day a highlight in my healing journey of life. :sparkles:

Sounds similar to your experience! What a feeling!!

I actually had a very similar clearing of energy with a colonic, when my life was an absolute shitshow (pun intended) and I was about as stressed and wrung out as I could be and was bound up behind comprehension after a short prescribed course of antibiotics. It was again literally a true clearing and cleansing energetically and I felt 1,000% better physically and emotionally.

I am also a huge proponent of massage for stress and emotional release.

I have participated in many sound baths as well and find them to be quite healing for release of mental blocks and stress.

Probably my favorite alt medicine/holistic healing would be digging in the dirt of my gardens and finding my self back in the earth. Running is also a very loved healing somatic therapy for me.

I also spend a lot of time with crystals and rocks and minerals. I wear a lot of them on my body 24/7 and find them comforting, empowering, protecting and more.

I am probably forgetting some others. :heart::people_hugging:

Great topic!! And I am just tickled to read your experience. What a gift for you!! :sparkles:


Yes @SassyRocks! That zing down the arm and into the two fingers, I have felt that too. It’s really powerful stuff.

Funny you mention the colonic too, I’ve been reading and seeing a lot of info about these recently. Coffee enemas specifically. They’re highly rated. And a deep internal cleanse sounds so good right now. They seem quite pricey, but I will definitely look more into this.

I don’t know much about the healing power of crystals. I love learning about rocks and gems, and I’m a bit of an amateur geology enthusiast, but their spritual qualities are fairly new to me. I’d love to hear more!

Have you tried reiki or Chinese meds/herbs, or anything of this nature? It sounds like you have a lot of wonderful things surrounding you to build up resilience and protection. I’d love to keep learning more about what’s available if you ever have some time to write. Thank you for sharing :smiling_face::pray:


Were the effects immediate after one acupuncture session? I would like to try someday for my anxiety, trauma stored in the body, and stress (my shoulders would often have tense muscles). Maybe it could cure my insomnia issue too. I am careful with pharmaceutical medicines and I am avoiding dependency on them…


Acupuncture took several sessions for me, but it was well worth it.

@SY1234, I did a regular colinic with an established practitioner. The coffee version is a bit too trendy for me. :grin:

I have tried Chinese herbs in the past, but never with much success. If I was in China or in a city with a thriving Chinese community and could locate a well established herbalist, then I would give it a try. But the ones sold by mass production I steer clear of, seems like another way to take my $.

I haven’t had enough experience to speak on Reiki.

There is a marvelous thread of dear Stella’s on here on the metaphysical properties of crystals, check it out…

Enjoy the exploration!!! So many ways to tune up our vibe!! :sparkles::heart:


Mine is a similar experience to @SassyRocks. I’ve had about 9 sessions and it wasn’t really until my latest one that I truly reeped the benefits. I’d say stick with it for about six months if you’re keen, but it is also not for everyone! I really hope you find some good from it though :blush:. Let me know how to get on!


Nice topic. I get acupuncture when i can. Feels great


I would love to try acupuncture. my company paid for a reiki session once and it was so weird, I feel freezing cold pass through my head and shoulders. Not unpleasant, just surprising. Nothing much else happened though.

Breath work however is miraculous, I do this about once every month or two. Structured breathing that quite literally gets you high on natural breath. that stuff is addictive, especially if you have a good teacher. There can be tears.


I’ve tried acupuncture, but I didn’t like the acupuncturist, so I stopped going. I wouldn’t mind doing this again as I do think there were likely some helpful things, though so much was going on at the time that it was hard to pinpoint what was helping and what wasn’t. I have also done energy healing, and I have the same thoughts about that as my acupuncture experience; though I stopped this treatment because I lost contact with the person doing it.

I have had a lot of success with the frequency therapy “Frequency Specific Microcurrent” ( ) when it comes to certain medical issues. I highly recommend this for people to try, if it is accessible. There are different frequency modalities out there, but I have been very impressed by this one. It is how I finally found out I was suffering from Metallosis (which is chromium and cobalt poisoning, which comes from the implant in my neck). This modality can be really good for nerve pain as well, which is important as modern medicine really doesn’t have a very effective way to deal with nerve pain.

I used to treat my geriatric cat with this modality, and I have no doubt it is part of why she lived so long. It isn’t cost effective enough for vets to treat small animals with it, but there are some vets who treat large animals (like horses) with this modality.

I have a training course that was done that focuses on addiction and using this modality in patients going through withdrawal. It was very interesting, though it was only used in the one clinic, and it was the presenter’s experience with working in said clinic with this modality.

You can see a list of some published papers here: Papers Archive - Frequency Specific Microcurrent - Frequency Specific Microcurrent


Oh wow this is really interesting stuff! And been around for a good couple of decades already. I can see just from a brief read that there seem to be a lot of benefits for those experiencing chronic pain.

My issues are related to stress, anxiety and also my periods are very debilitating. But I’ll defo take a closer look so see if there’s any connection. Thanks so much for sharing, keen to read more :blush:


When it comes to efficacy and impact, I do think a large part of the process is finding a provider you are happy and comfortable with, and who can read you well. I ended up feeling a little disheartened with my last acupuncturist because of some things she said and her methods felt a little too ‘airy fairy’ for me. I wonder if that contributed to how little I got out of it in the end. But my new provider is quite to the point and gets on with it, which I like. It feels more medical. That’s just me though!

I bought something tcalled Dong Quai at the weekend. It’s known as ‘female ginseng’. I’m hoping it will help regulate and balance my hormones, and some menstrual issues I’ve had for years.

At the very least, the acupuncture, the herbs, the alternative therapies are a way of factoring in ‘me time’ and I’ve been poor at doing that in the past. I also occasionally visit a reflexologist - I’m one of those people that looooves having their feet touched ha ha. I do think reflexology is very interesting. But I only have so much money :joy:


There are definitely frequencies and protocols for emotional issues, and (because I have the equipment, though I only use it on myself and friends/family because I am not a doctor) I have had some success in treating a friend who has painful periods with a protocol put together specifically for that reason.

The biggest difficulty is not only finding a practitioner in your area but one that will treat what you need as FSM is a tool that is only meant to be used within one’s field of expertise.

As an aside, I often treated my elderly cat with the emotional frequencies and it did wonders for her. You can tell with animals because they will relax and often get kind of sleepy (humans do too, but they can talk to you and give feed back). I often treated her for hurt feelings and stress. One time after I had to leave her in the hospital overnight, she seemed very standoffish (just not herself). I eventually treated her with some different frequencies for emotions and when I got to “hurt feelings”, she basically melted. It seems that I really hurt her feelings by leaving her in the hospital. :sob: I felt really bad, but after that she was back to her normal self. I also treat myself with the emotional frequencies on a regular basis.

Maybe it won’t be for you, but if you’re able to try it, I’d say give it a go. Good luck!