Always addicted?

I was thinking if your an addict. will you always be addicted to something else? like running, reading, getting fit, cooking, workaholic, puzzles whatever it may be that you distract yourself from your drug of choice?


The way I see it is we will always be prone to addiction, but the addictive behavior starts acting up when we aren’t addressing the deeper need/problem. I don’t think these new activities necessarily will become new addictions as long as we’re working on ourselves.


I think you might be right. We just got to make healthier choices and work towards healing our minds and bodies.

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That’s a head scratcher for sure. Since I’ve gotten clean I’ve started reading and exercising a lot more, as well as a ton of meetings. So I don’t know if that’s just replacing one addiction with another and if it is, is that even a bad thing. So far riding my bike and spending time at the library hasn’t interfered with my life so I suppose for now it’s ok?

Damn man, you got my brain all twisted with this one.


I’d say an addiction to something like that is way better than something that’s going to kill you.


Some people are naturally born with an addictive personality. They need something to focus on. As long as you are focusing on things that grow you as a person instead of things that tear you down, I think that’s a beautiful thing!


personally i know that i used/drank to fill a spiritual void in myself. for a while i hadn’t know that it existed, i just kinda thought i hated myself and hated being alive and that for me the only way i could face living was to live intoxicated.

so stopping drinking/using for me is great, but it doesn’t really address how i still have all these issues with myself and how i still don’t know how to really handle life. sure i could abstain from booze/drugs and maybe get really into fitness or maybe get really into working tons of hours and for a while that might bring me joy and that might make me feel good about waking up. but, i think after some time my mind would say “fuck these things. it’s time.” and i’d go right back to some liquor at that moment.

living a better lifestyle is great, but for me i have to get well spiritually or it’s just a matter of time before i’m back to my old methods of handling life. i don’t think i could become “addicted” to running or some other activity, but i certainly could see myself engaging in it routinely to bring me a sense of self worth and happiness, but if i’m not filling that “spiritual void” in myself then any activity i’m engaging in compulsively or even just leisurely is only going to be a placeholder for alcohol.

that’s just me though everyone is different


Those are possitive addictions or creative outlets. Nothing wrong with that. In my opinion.

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See my issue is idk if I was born with that or not. All I know is that I have been through a lot of hard stuff recently and was addicted to cutting. But like idk if that means I’m prone to other ones later in life. Anyone know?

Nah. I’m addicted to alcohol. I am not a blanket addict.

I do however have some similar tendencies with certain things. Coffee, for example. I drink it quite a bit, but sometimes I pound it. Sometimes I keep drinking it when i shouldn’t (lime too late in the day). But I do not experience a habitual sort of compulsion. And not with anything else either. I am an addict when it comes to alcohol.


I’m addicted to oxygen and don’t know what to do.

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I think my new goal on here is to just set you up for one liners :joy:

My take is that we are all born with that spiritual void. Some people fill it with food, some sex, some family, etc… some fill it with addictive drugs like alcohol. (like me) My belief is that God created us that way and the only thing that can fill it and give us true peace and joy is a relationship with Jesus Christ. Sorry to go spiritual on you guys but its just what I believe with all my heart and soul. Ok, im done.

Yeah, youre good!!

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I took quite a bit of psych in my undergrad, including Drugs and Behaviour and my prof said that “addictive personalities” are a myth. It might be true that we invest ourselves full force into something to keep from something else, but I’m not sure it would be classified as an addiction. I love going to the gym, but I don’t go through withdrawal if I miss a night… I also LOVE coffee- but I can stop after 2.
I’m not sure if he is right or not, just what I was told!