Another attempt for my mental health

Hey guys, popping on to have a bit of a chat with any members that struggle with mental health and alcoholism.

I’ve been on an antidepressant/anti anxiety med for about a year, and obviously drinking on this medication makes it completely pointless. I’ve struggled for years off and on with sobriety. My last sober stint lasted 45 days before I decided to start casually drinking again, and before long it was every night. And now I’m back in my hole of panic attacks and uncontrollable crying everyday. Drinking just ruins my mental health, and my weight tbh.
My doctor recommended trying Naltrexone yesterday, and to be honest, I’m ready to try anything at this point. My willpower can only get me so far. I love alcohol, I love drinking with friends, I like being buzzed and drinking alone. I need some kind of help to kick it.
I took my first dose in the afternoon and it kicked my ass. My heart was pounding, I felt crook and tired. I decided I’d take it today in the morning so I wasn’t as anxious in the evening. I’ve heard the symptoms go away.
Just wanted to hear others experiences. My main problem with drinking is once I have a small period of sobriety I pick the drink up and I just snowball into full alcoholism again but from what I’ve heard this tablet takes the fun, taste and buzz out of booze so I’m hoping for a miracle that when the time comes and I cave, it won’t keep snowballing for me.
Please no judgement, I just really want to hear if anyone has had any experience with mental health, alcoholism and this medication. Thanks guys :purple_heart:


I deal with anxiety and tried a number of medications. Like you said, drinking on it just negates the effectiveness.

I took naltrexone for a little bit. I had the same issue for the first couple doses but it went away. It worked for me at first but once I got used to it I was able to drink like I had been. I also found that I lost pleasure in other aspects of life. It doesnt just target the addiction but instead blocks the pleasure receptors. I have heard that some found it effective.

I made the decision to stop drinking for good and work a program. AA has changed my life. I previously worked with a therapist, got back into exercise and started eating healthier. All of these changes have helped reduce my anxiety and my blood pressure is back to normal.

I hope all this info is helpful. Feel free to ask any further questions. Good luck on your journey!


See this is where I am worried, you say it blocks the pleasure receptors but when reading about it, it does say it blocks the pleasure receptors just regarding alcohol and opioids. I am really worried I’ll end up a zombie, that can’t find joy in life but isn’t an alcoholic. Here lies the dilemma with mental health and medication, to take a pill and feel less, maybe too much less, or not take the pill and feel so much it’s unbearable.
I curse my brain on the daily with this battle.

This is just my experience. There are some that had only positive things to say about it. Here is a conversation with others that had good experiences:

Naltrexone treatment start

I think it comes down to what works best for you. Everyone seems to have a different experience. I wouldnt lose hope as it has been beneficial to others. If you decide to stick with the medication I would highly suggest a 12 step program as well.

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@Alycia How has the medication been? Getting better?

Hey man, I appreciate the check in. I’m feeling pretty off. I’m going to attempt to take the medication in the evening and maybe my days won’t feel so wonky. I mean, I don’t feel like drinking at all… or doing anything really haha.

Yeah it sounds like that worked for others. Hopefully it helps you as well. Keep up the great work. Whatever keeps us sober is good in my book lol

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It sounds like you realize you have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. That is the first step.

I tried Naltrexone and found it had no effect for me. I was able to drink just like before on it. Some people swear by it. Work with your doctor and give it a try. It may work for you.

Unfortunately there is not a magic pill for quitting. You have to want to quit for it to happen.

Good luck!!:shamrock::shamrock::shamrock:

I have known for so long I have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. And I’ve wanted to quit, and have quit so many times. Sometimes lasting longer then other times. I’m just struggling so hard with my mental health that I’m finding it extremely hard to quit on willpower alone. I appreciate the kind words. Really hoping I can beat this, before it beats me.

I call this “the merry-go-round of drinking”. I get on a painted horse, the horse goes up and down, days go round and round. Same tinny music. Same scenery over and over again.

Each time I got on, I expected a different experience. But, it was always the same. So one day I got off, and decided I would never get on that ride again. I haven’t and my life is so much better for it.

I hope this new medication helps you to not enjoy the merry-go-round. It sounds as if you still like the ride, so its going to be that much more difficult.


Just wanted to touch base and say I’m feeling a little less like I’ve been hit by a bus today. Less teary, and still no desire for a drink. Fingers crossed my health continues to improve a little more each day. Going to go to a meeting with a friend this week, try be kind to myself and try not to take all the stress of it all at once. Thanks for the replies. I appreciate being able to speak to people that understand the journey.


I been insane out of my mind. The whole is insane so your not alone. Find good crazy