Another try

Any hints on getting past the 1st few days??

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I started going to 12 step meetings and they changed my life.

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Trouble is I can’t open up to it. I’ve tried, when people try to help afterwards & feel uncomfortable & stop going

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I have experienced the same thing. In the beginning it was like that…then it changed. What I did to change it was to get a home group and start getting service duties. That helped a lot.

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Dig deep ,be patient planned to do as much or as little as possible depending what type of of person you are,and do you homework on what type of recovery you want as there’s alot of options out there but it want come a knocking at your door .recovery is very demanding but it’s worth so much more than you put in

There’s also smart recovery,121 thearpy group work there’s alot of options out there I work a 12,step program and do service but I get it’s not for everyone .

It’s been 25 years. I can’t concentrate at work without it. Then do to much & get mentally tangled

What’s your doc

I’m a addict of 20 years my doc is herion and benzos,I understand your frustration but beleave when I say if you want it your find away🙏

Coke. From 6.30am until 7pm everyday. Then something switches in my head & I just stop. It doesn’t matter how much I’ve got, I just stop at about 7pm. Coz I know I’ll sleep ok I suppose.

Do you drink as well? I was really bad into coke as well, and the drinking was a huge trigger, after about 5 beers it was time for coke. I use to be the same way, I worked night shift and I was doing coke all night from 10 till 6 in the morning. It is really hard to, but if you want it bad enough. Will help you get through it. Leaving the coke was much easier for me. Everyone is definitely different.

In the early days drinking definitely made me hunt it down but… then it progressed to during the day (coke not drink) & I could work like a dog all day!
Now it’s I can’t even begin to think about starting work until I’ve had 7 or 8 lines & have enough with me to last all day. Mad.

Question that rose to mind is…what are you willing to do to get sober?

Something has to change or something will break. At one point, I had a list of I can’ts and eventually I realized it was a list of I wonts. When I said I can’t go to AA, I really meant I won’t. Call it pride, ignorance or ego; one thing was clear, I wasn’t ready to let go, I wasn’t ready to go beyond my comfort zone, even if it killed me.

How do you get through the first few days? Go to meetings, AA, NA whaterver; you don’t thinkn you can share? So don’t, just observe and be there. If that is not cutting, check yourself into rehab.

You can do it, when your ready to make those changes you so desperately need to make.

Be well friend.

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I don’t know where to start really. When I’m away from it, ie- on holiday or a weekend away, I don’t even think about it at all. Like I said earlier, after 7pm at night I could be surrounded by a pile of it… but I wouldn’t even consider touching it. Why can’t I just be like that during the day??? It’s just on me from when I wake up every day.

In my experience, I found those first awful, horrible days quite easy. It’s easy not to use when you feel like utter shit. However when you start to feel better that is when the brain starts trying to mess with you.

These are the things I would find myself saying to myself (I’m an alcoholic):

“I feel pretty good, maybe it wasn’t all that bad, I can have a drink.”
“Oh my God, I can’t believe I made it through all that. I deserve a celebratory drink”.
“It was a really rough day. I deserve a drink. I NEED a drink. Why can’t I have a drink when everyone else is doing it?”
“Everyone else is out having fun and I’m stuck at home being a nothing. God dammit. If I don’t drink I’ll never have any sort of social life.”

So…you HAVE to have a plan BEFORE those voices start talking to you. You need to be ready. You NEED a toolbox!! If you’re still feeling like crap right now…use this time to start building that toolbox. It helps the time pass and not focus on that utter shit you’re feeling AND it helps you be ready.

Use the search feature on this forum and search “toolbox” or “tool box” or some variation. There are LOADS of threads talking about what people have put together. It can be a virtual toolbox or a literal. I seem to recall someone actually went out and bought a handy toolbox and then docorated it and filled it with things they could use when days get a little bit tricky.

Good Luck



Thanks Vsue.

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Right… 7pm… tomorrow gives me a bit of hope. Just a glimmer.

Uk based?..