Anxiety/depression & how do you cope

I have struggled with depression and anxiety since childhood which has made me a perfect target for alcohol addiction later in life.

I have a general feeling of anxiety and depression everyday, but usually it’s not severe and I don’t hyperfocus on it. Other times, however, my anxiety/depression is skyrocketing and leads to me deconstructing things from the past and worrying about the future. When it becomes so heightened and I feel out of control, I turn to alcohol because it’s a fun, easy way to let off some steam. Which incidentally just makes things a lot worse for me.

All these suppressed emotions come out unfiltered and I say and do things I do not mean. And it’s usually to the people I care about most. I lash out on people for things they’ve done in the past that have hurt me rather than cope with it in a healthy way and try to move forward.

I feel like I’m in this hamster wheel of addiction. I drink when things become too much for me and then it ends up becoming a much worse situation.

I think it’s best that in addition to quitting drinking for good, I get on some medication that help me deal with my anxiety/depression because I’m doing a piss poor job on my own.

I was curious if anyone else out there suffers from anxiety and depression and what they do to cope? Whether it’s medication, meditation, outdoor activities, exercise, or a combo of these aforementioned things. Please share if you feel so inclined.


With my sobriety I find I am feeling more anxiety and depressed. I think this means I was successful at self-medicating those issues at the cost of my health. Met with my doctor, and after discussing my alcoholism and depression, starting prozac. Since I am early in this round of sobriety she passed on doing welbutrin, since I guess seizures are a side effect, and when we discussed my drinking she was very surprised my detox wasn’t more difficult. So I guess all I am saying is don’t be afraid of seeking medical help.

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My only fear is the possible side effects and long term effects. It’s still worth exploring since it helps people and it sure beats the hell out of drinking to cope.

Same for me. Anxiety disorder and depression all my life. Most would never know. It’s a lot of work to keep up the facade. I have pretty much always taken medication. Just had to add one because the long term one stopped working as well. Being with nature helps me tremendously as well as focusing on projects. Just decided to go back to school which should keep me busy. I have 15 days and really miss my crutch :confused:


Good for you going back to school! Being in nature is very therapeutic for me as well. I don’t necessarily miss my crutch because it only made me feel ok momentarily. Just remember the negative impact that crutch has and you won’t miss it anymore. Keep yourself busy and do things that better your life.


Being in nature and active outdoors was kinda the thing that made me seek out the little extra boost. Wasn’t able to enjoy the things that have always brought me joy.

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Alcohol makes everything worse jittery paranoia!have your vit d levels checked mine are really low 25 and I suffer massively with anxiety low mood and fatigue I only found out today so I can’t say either way whether what my gp prescribed will help but I’ll try anything I take bvit complex daily never crossed my mind to question my vit d? I’m outside 4.5 hrs every single day!how’s that possible?

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Meds, therapy, good nights of sleep, healthy food, recognizing what sends me spiraling. Most importantly, having people who will talk with me, and listen to my ranting, and who want me to stick around. Without them I don’t make it.

Ill add excerise, and a job that lets me maintain the dignity I have left.