Any academics or students on here?

Currently at day 6 of being sober. Currently sitting in the garden for the first time in a long time with a bottle of water instead of a glass of wine and feeling pretty good actually.

Sitting with my laptop working on my Masters dissertation. Anyone else on here a university student? Undergrad? Postgrad? PhD? Interested to see if I have any fellow postgraduate students on here and what you study :purple_heart:


I did a BA degree in Sociology and got a 2:1

Also got a Level 5 management diploma which is equivalent to a degree

I got accepted to do a Masters but went into work in the end so cancelled my place


That’s awesome! What are your degrees in if you don’t mind me asking? I’m curious😊

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I did an undergrad in psychology and gender studies double concentration, then a master of public administration. Did some lecturing work while doing my masters, I really enjoy teaching! Wrote a curriculum and taught/trained peers to provide support in a therapeutic setting to people with serious mental illness and substance use disorder - loved that, too, but I was in complete denial of my problem with alcohol and ended up feeling like a hypocrite/imposter the entire time. Burnt out as a result.

Been considering getting additional education around coaching/mentoring, or something that I have passion for to lead to a new career now that I’m recovering/sober.

@Ofmiceandroach what are your areas of focus?


That’s great! I love psychology, studied it for 4 years when I was at school and still continue to read about it for fun! I’ve got an undergrad degree in Criminology and I’m currently writing my thesis for my postgrad degree, which is Criminology and Criminal Psychology.

My thesis is on the analysis of female stalking victims and their experiences, with a focus on how the criminal justice system here in the UK deals with stalking victims and what improvements can be made to the system.


I have Community Support Worker diploma from College. I have worked in this area for 13 years. Am thinking about a career change though in the future when money is not a barrier :slight_smile: 5 years was working with men coming out of prison who have commited severe crimes but have also been diagnosed with a mental illness (often found Not Criminally Responsible for their actions). 7 years has been working with clients who have a combination of mental health and intellectual disabilities. This is where I am working now. I do help others who have also struggled to exit the sex trade or with domestic violence as I am a survivor of both (obviously no actually textbook education on these as it is all experiential. But I do use what I have learned in college such as counselling techniques etc to help me help others).


Me (sort of!) I have finished my Masters by Research in History, and was enrolled to do my PhD but was unwell so postponed (loooong story).

I am always happy to talk research, studies with anyone :grin:


This sounds fascinating and very worthwhile.

Always been really interested in criminology and psychology, but history always got my attention more.


Yes! I love psychology, also, to this day. Your studies sound quite interesting and your thesis is really necessary for the times. Thanks for sharing!

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I did criminal psychology as part of my a level psychology. I developed the fascination for the brain differences between psychopaths and neurotypical people, psychology in the court room, etc.


Masters of ecology and environmental science with an emphasis on geo-spatial analysis :metal:


i did my undergrad in fine art new media. i would have loved to get into a social work program but now that i manage a team of complex, unique personalities i’m not so sure that would have been ultimately fulfilling.


I have a PhD in biochemistry and am an physical therapist as well.


I interviewed to do a Step up to social work scheme.

It was becoming a qualified social worker by doing a masters degree in 18 months (which usually takes 3 years) You also had to work full time as a social worker on placement.

It was the hardest interview I ever attended, it was half a day which compromised of

  • a formal interview
  • a functional skills test
  • a written exam / case study
  • a telephone simulation
  • a meeting with the service users

I didn’t get accepted as in hindsight I was too young and inexperienced, I was 21 and fresh out of university :rofl:


Got through 1/2 my doctorate…decided to quit. Field of study was pyschology and sociology. With a specialization in sexual deviance and juvenile deliquincey


As she’s doing her Masters Dissertation so was seeing if she could relate to others on here


Because I was curious. Don’t be rude.


Just finished my Masters of Fine Arts in Chroegraphy with a concentration in Somatics. I’ve been in the field of dance for 20 years, but never went back to school until I had a few years sobriety under my belt. Graduating with my degree a few weeks ago felt like a real triumph!!! I hadn’t realized it, wasn’t even going to go to my graduation, but…I made a commitment to myself to work towards this degree while working full time, running my business and my company…this is something I never would or could have done in active addiction. Happy to be sober (and done writing my 100 page thesis :joy:) TODAY


Big congrats! That’s simply wonderful!


Massive congratulations! What an amazing achievement