Any advice for the ND in me

You know. I’m gonna be okay. I’m writing this because I have a flu now according to the doctor and I’m in bed thinking.

I’m neurodivergent. I’m diagnosed as high-functioning on the spectrum, OCD, ADHD, with anxiety sprinkled in and let’s not forget the good 'ol PTSD. It’s been a battle my whole life to be me but I’m still learning to be comfortable in my awkwardness. When I relapse it takes much more work to rebalance. Is anyone here a fellow neurodivergent that has any advice to refrain from going into the wild, so to speak?

If there’s a certain thing that works for you maybe you wouldn’t mind sharing. Thanks.


Hi there! I do hope you get some feedback from your question from other members. Just wanted to share that after doing a quick search of “neurodivergent” this old thread popped up. I remember reading it back then and I think it’s more mental health diagnosis based with some talk of ADHD. It might be worth taking a read through and if you comment on it then it might spurn some additional interest/commentary.

I hope you feel better soon!


I am auadhd.

The only realistic advice is to have fitness goals that your addiction(s) could ruin so that you have smth stopping you when you feel like relapse.

Tell everyone about your addiction(s) so that they can stop you when you are feeling like oh I’ll just have a tiny bit.

Also, i didn’t only stop using my doc but i became sober overall and don’t smoke and that helped because of my all or nothing mentality.

Plus, do NOT hang out with the people you were using/drinking/smoking and avoid the places that make you feel like oh here it is not fun unless i do anything of the above.

I take adhd medication and it has changed my life, I’d suggest that to my health professional if possible


@Soup you might want to connect on this thread. Hope that there is some overlap here.


Thank you!

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Thank you…I’m trying to get caught up on everything rn. I’m still out of it thanks to this flu but I appreciate your response.

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No hurry! At your leisure. You’re welcome.

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