Any green thumbs?

Even before I got sober, I babied this corn that my oldest daughter bought home as a small sprout from school. When it got big enough, I transferred it to a bucket. We did not think it would grow into anything, much less produce corn because corn self pollinates and she only had one plant. I went out to tend to my plants tonight and there is an ear of corn growing! She is going to be so happy.

It is the little things in life. Happy to be sober today.

Anyone else love gardening? I would love to see pics!


Wow it looks very healthy!

I did one jalapeno plant. Not many peppers yet but they are coming.


My vegetable garden tonight. While I was out watering, I got to hang out with a momma and baby deer! Pretty sweet!


Wow! Your garden looks amazing. I hope to have raised beds built next year. The buckets just take too much water. Gardening is so peaceful.

That’s exactly how I started them here! I’ve actually only had raised beds for the last 15 years until this year. :slight_smile: They are great!!

And yes, so peaceful! It’s a great hobby that’s a win win win for me. I’m moving and stretching, eating well and it makes me happy! :heart:


Dang, that is one amazing garden. So jealous. Working tonight but I’ll take a picture of my very weedy garden tomorrow. Lol

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I love gardening. My vegetable garden is weedy as all get out, but my flowers have been really pretty this year. I grew everything in this pic except the greenery.

And I love your corn!!! So much!!! Thanks for starting this thread.


Back in May when I planted:


Oh man this is a great thread. I have an orange tree, lemon, lime, avocado and a tababuya. I did some yard work in the spring including drip irrigation, wildflowers, annuals, sunflowers and potted succulents. Its too hot for yard work now but I will try to post some pictures later this week. Keep those thumbs green.


So a bit overcrowded, i always end up planting too much but snow peas, cherry tomatoes, beans and bok choy in the 1st pic and pineapple plants in the 2nd. We already got 3 pineapples off those 2 plants but we’ve left them hoping they’ll sprout again!


You grow pineapples!!! How freaking cool is that!?!


They looked super cool when the pineapples were growing out the top. I’ll get a pic from the other half when he gets home and post it. Took about 2yrs before the pineapple started growing though lol

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We just bought a couple from the fruit and vegie shop and cut the tops off and shoved that in the ground. Too easy :blush:. Oh wait, is it a climate thing we’re you cant grow them up there?

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My pink baby! I wonder if she’s still alive after one month alone with my partner? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


The most tomatoes I’ve ever been successful at growing. The bunnies already 7 or 8 or them before my fence was installed in my backyard. So exciting!


Yes. I grow heirloom vegetables and fruits. Right now I have tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, basil and mint. I have apple, plum, peach, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, grapes, and figs. Winter I grow greens and root crops like turnips, carrots, and radishes.

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@yoda-stevie -you grow figs? You set the bar high for all other men on the planet.:slight_smile:


Figs are easy. Select a variety appropriate for your zone, plant it in a hole with a good layer of mature compost and peat-moss, fill remaining space with soil and a bit of sand, and let the fig do what it naturally wants to do. In the winter, lay down a thick bed of straw around the base, and wrap the stem with floating row cover to give it a bit of winter protection.

I have 5 fig trees.

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I grow succulents and cacti as a hobby, but love growing/gardening anything. I’m in an apartment with a covered balcony, so its tricky. Last year I grew jalapeños and cilantro out there.

I move into my first house soon, can’t wait to put in a proper garden out back.