Any green thumbs?

Wow!! This just made me so happy. You must have some good soil there. So beautiful. I wish I could do that here in vegas

Thank you! It’s a labor of love, I really enjoy it. It’s a nice family project too, my mother lives next door with my sister and we all work on it a bit. It’s perfect!

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One of my many flower pots


So glad for this thread my garden was looking kind of sad. Went on vacation for 10 days and the person caring for my pets forgot to water it. Yikes! But I cut back the grass and weeded it yesterday with my granddaughter. Looking much better.


Tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers on the left, raspberries on the right

Grapes and kiwi vines


Those pics have me SO geared up to put together my backyard garden!!

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Looks great!!

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This is super random but has anyone had an experience killing running bamboo? Trust me I know more about bamboo than I ever thought I would need to. We bought our house in January and had no clue about bamboo. It started taking over the yard during spring with sprouts coming up everywhere. I finally broke down and installed a bamboo barrier on the back of my property to prevent anymore from running and sprouting up in the yard. (1200k with trenching and barrier purchase :confounded:) I am using a round up concoction to kill what is currently coming up. It seems to be working and takes several seasons to get it under control but I thought I would ask others.

The Zucchini is taking everything over! And the tomato plants are getting so big they’re covering up my other plants. This is my first real attempt at a garden and I didn’t know spatially what to plan for.


Nice! Now you know for next year. They look healthy.

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No, we have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of my grandmother’s and nothing has worked yet. If either of us find something, we will have to let the other know!

Oh boy. This stuff is serious.

It is. She’s been trying since 1955 to get rid of it lol

So far my max concentration round up, dish soap, and water is killing what it coming up in my yard. The bamboo leaves are turning brown anyway. It will probably take several applications and mow downs to make it manageable. The place I purchased the bamboo barrier from said it will take several years to kill what remains.

These pics show what I am dealing with. You can see part of the barrier I put down on the left and back side of the property.


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I’ll try to remember to take a picture at my grammas this week! You’re doing great battling it!

That would be awesome for comparison. I think it is fascinating how it takes over. I see why it is illegal in many states to plant running varieties of bamboo. On a side note, I am glad I didn’t try to grow grass yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: the round up is doing a wonderful job killing my lawn of weeds!

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A sobering gloomy, rainy day. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: My father in law came over and trimmed this “tree” back in April.
We did not know what it was at the time. My best friend determined it is a Rose of Sharon bush. There is a big debate about it being a tree VS bush. We decided to trim it to make it a tree. Either way, it is beautiful now. The pictures tell the story! Happy Sunday!



I did that too. And my husband wants more…:joy::joy::joy::joy: coming from a man who didn’t want kids. Funny how that works.

I am done too. He keeps asking though. He say his cut off is age 35. :joy: