Any one else struggling to not have a drink during isolation

Finding it a little hard lately, I haven’t drank but the thoughts there. This isolation really does test you


I’ve been struggling with this also. :pensive:


Very much so, yes.


I’ve found some days easier than others. Im grateful for the isolation in the sense of since I’m only a week into my recovery, it’s helpful I can’t go to bars or meet up with those friends at this time due to lockdown. On the other hand, not being able to go anywhere but the grocery, and it’s ubiquitous beer aisle, makes it tough. I’ve been doing push-ups or riding my stationary anytime I’ve had a craving and found that helps. Others with longer time will have more suggestions I’m sure


Really struggling. Voice in my head telling me to “just have a couple!”
I haven’t given in though. I just keep thinking that if I can get through lockdown without a drink I’ll be so happy.


I am struggling too. I even went down to old and bad coping habits. I don’t think it’s all related to the situation, but for me not being busy from work/school is hard. Plus isolation is one of the highest risk factors for mental health depreciation. But there’s ways to find light and hope. Reading, movies, phone calls, food… take care

Have been reading through the relapse posts. That is my go to if I start to feel like I want a drink, which I do.


I’m very grateful the obsession has been removed for me. I have zero desire or urges.
I use to get through reminding myself that I don’t have to quit forever. Just wanted to be sober until my head hit my pillow. Not sure that’s the greatest advice anymore. The thought of waking up hung over use to help also.
Hearing my loved ones telling me what I’d done the night before with hurt in their eyes and not even remembering what they were talking about was always a great tool.
Putting on an orange jumpsuit and laying on a concrete floor was never appealing to me.
Knowing that once I drank one I couldn’t stop never stopped me however.
I couldn’t just wake up and make a choice not to drink. I hated those days.
There’s greener grass tomorrow.
Just make it through the day. Or the hour. Or the minute.
Inch by inch lifes a cinch


When I was in early recovery, a wise person suggested I write down all the crap that drinking brought into my life and keep that handy to read thru when I was thinking of drinking again. I did that and you know, it really helped remind me of the reality of drinking and why I needed to stop.

Maybe now would be a good time to start working on your own list?

I’d be happy to share mine, tho I am sure the long timers here are plenty sick of seeing it lol.



I relapsed, sort of. Dr. Pepper took over for alcohol for me, but I recently swore off the doctor pepper too. I went and bought a bunch of 2 liters today.

I’m not struggling with the pandemic or isolation and wanting to drink, but thinking of you, as I know alot of people are.

What will be a struggle for me is when life gets back to normal and I get a flat car battery, or my ex contacts me, or my plane is delayed.

For me it is the little things…

I have definitly been struggling with using during this isolation period. I’m not only mental exhausted but bored as hell lol cant do a decent workout bcuz the gym is closed (which is ng biggest form of self care). I’ve relapsed unfortunately during this period. Ugh :frowning: need to develop better coping skills I guess and keep myself busy.

It’s never a couple. Maybe a couple bottles…we cant afford to fool ourselves …