Any other LGBTQ here?


Quick story. I was working with a newcomer not long ago. A 40 year oldo marine from Tennessee. He was doing what I suggested and calling or texting at least 3 other alcoholics a day. Well one of those text was my friend Richy. Richy happens to be gay.
Anyways, the new guy was old school. It took him a bit to get past all the holding hands and hugging that went on at meetings. Not really in a bad way, he was just a little uncomfortable with it.

So one day he was kind of flustered and I asked what was wrong. He said Richy texted him smiley face emojis. I said, annnnnnd?? He was like “I don’t roll like that. It’s cool if he does, but I don’t”

In my head I was like, do I really have to explain this to a grown up man. Ha. So I explained to him first off, that’s how people text these days. You will get emoji text from dudes. It’s all good.

Next I explained that gay dudes ain’t about fucking straight dudes. I’m like dude, it’s Richy. He’s cool as fuck and he’s not trying to get with you. He’s just being your friend and that’s very good for you. It makes your small world a little bigger.

The new guy got it for sure. He did thank me. Now we joke that I “enlightened” him😉


Ah, um. I know some folks have an issue with the A area, but I’m aro ace. No swinging in either direction, but the way I dress makes people assume I’m a lesbian or a trans dude which is super funny to me. So hi.