Anyone have tips on falling asleep sober?


My brain has a hard time shutting down at night.i drank til I passed out arguably every night for years. Tips would be greatly appreciated


Teas, soft music, writing In a journal, reading a book. Talking on her till you get tired. I’ve been sober for a year and still don’t get sleep much.


The joys of insomnia…dont worry many of us have had the same problem. I would have a hot bath or shower before bed and a nice cup of hot chocolate, decaf tea or something. And try to limit your caffeine intake throughout the day. Watching something funny on TV always helped my brain relax as well. You could also try meditation, there’s a few free apps out there that should help. It will get better, trust me. Hope you get some sleep soon!:hugs:


Hot shower, clean sheets, sleep mask, lavender oil body spray or diffuser. Set a schedule for yourself to wake up at the same time every day. Even if you had a rough nights sleep. Try to stay on a routine that is active throughout the day and go to bed at the same time, when you can. In early recovery our body and brains are changing physiologically to adapt without the alcohol. It will take time for it to return to its sober state. Hope this helps. Reach out anytime!!


I used unisom for the first week of sobriety to help with sleep, and the inevitable itchiness I would feel when I would try to sleep. I still don’t sleep 8 hours now at just over 6 months but I get much better regular sleep and average about 6.5-7 hours.


I worked in the restaurant business for 17 years and that meant working untill really late in the night. If not working late I’d be out drinking late…last few years of my drinking I passed out every single night. I can relate to your situation a lot. Ever since I’ve started getting sober, sleeping has been a real hard issue. It’s like I’ve had to learn how to go to sleep all over. I’ve gotten help at my worst times from drugs such seroquel = quetiapin aswell as Hydroxyzine or at some point a combination of the two. This helped me through some initial insomnia and I got some kinda sleep rythm in my life…how ever I didn’t wanna be dependant on medicine to be able to sleep so I no longer take either. What I find to be the most helpful in terms of falling asleep is reasonable amount of physical exercise during the day and shutting down the tv/internet/phone early enough before trying to go to bed. 2 hours would be optimal for me without computer etc, which I find myself slipping on constantly…so this thread works as a good reminder for myself aswell…anyways…you can use the time before going to bed for reading or what ever you want…just avoid things that stimulate you visually or activate the brain a lot…good luck for you in future sleep :slight_smile:


I journal to get everything out of my brain and then I meditate before bed. It helps to shut everything down and gets me into a good sleep routine. It didn’t take long before I was sleeping WAY better sober! Good luck!


There are a TON of great sleep meditations on apps snd youtube. They really work, although you may need to stick with it the first 3~4 times to get really good results.


A nice hot bath or shower and some sleepy time Tea


Melatonin 10mg. Works every time


I took melatonin and while it definitely pulled me, it could not drag me under.

@Taylor_Linae_Wilson any luck with the sleep?


I love it!


Not very easy (running) workouts during the day / reading in bed / sleeping or meditating videos on youtube - these work great for me. Good luck!


Just a word of caution at 10mg of melatonin you are melatonin dependent. If you want to get back on to a natural sleep pattern where your brain is actually adjusting back to a normal sleep rythem my dr.said not to take more than 1mg, 3 hours before you want to fall asleep. It will support you in helping to reset your own clock instead of just building a dependance on something else.

I here it’s rough in the beginning for everyone.

Personally I set blue light filters on everything in my house.

I make sure my house is at a comfortable temperature.

I put on a science documentary on LOW volume and turn the screen off.

Then just try to zone out.


Temporary used of benadryl can help 45 mins before bed. It helps with itchiness too.


Lol. I was prescribed up to 16 mgs of melatonin in rehab. It kinda worked. I ended up on doxapin, and that was the first thing that ever worked for me. I’m not completely med free and usually sleep pretty damn good


As long as it’s all a stop gap and not a long term solution.


Yeah, I realized my rehab was pretty scrip happy. They wanted us all to be docile lol. I refuse to take Seroquel bc they gave that shit to everyone. I was on 400 mg at one point. No bueno


Benedryl helps me


I was given trazedone for sleep. It works well but makes me move slow in the morning getting up. I actually need an alarm (never did before I was on it). I’ve stopped for almost a week now. I find sleep difficult but I no longer need an alarm again my clock is almost back to normal. Not sure if I will start taking it again regularly