Anyone with tattoos?

Here’s mine. They all tell a story. My angel on my back because I was a drag racer. AMH. I lost my sister to suicide. Steve my rock. And my stag is not finished yet but is to hide my scars from my life changing accident 16 years ago where I had an open fracture of my leg and have a femeral nail now


Losing your sister must have been really tough?! X


Yes. Still is sometimes. What I have to remember is she didn’t want to be here whatever we did for her x

Yes I can imagine that the pain will always be there. Nice to have read your with a lovely hubby now, makes the world of difference doesn’t it having someone who’s got your back when things get rough. Love your tats btw, I have a few nothing half as exciting or meaningful xx

This is my favorite tattoo so far, this is in memory of my dad, who died an alcoholic at age 45. Tomorrow he would have been 68. When I designed this, my sister decided to do it with me so we both had this tattoo done on our shoulders for his 10th anniversary. :heart:



I got my girlfriends signature and our anniversary they say dont ever do that


This is beautiful :two_hearts:


That’s lovely. Thoughts with you tomorrow x

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Fantastic. I have steve on my wrist and hubby has Claire in his neck

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The Triscaleon is a Celtic symbol: body, mind, spirit or maden, mother, crohn (sp). And the mandala symbolizes a beautiful work of art on a body I’ve been at war with my whole life…I’m learning to love.


I’m trying very hard, with no luck, to find an image similar to the one I have on my back. The original image was 2 fairies holding onto the Gemini symbol. I had the artist remove the Gemini symbol and put in a Celtic mother’s knot instead. And then I had the colour of the fairies dresses to match each of my daughter’s birthstones (one blue for my September baby, one green for my August baby)


A raven coming to rest on a bust of Pallas.

Never more…

A reminder to stop living in the past.


I love your tat. I had my first 3 before I was 17. The first one when I was 14 was thumper the rabbit from Walt Disney film Bambi, the second was two shitty love hearts and the third which looked cute on a then flat washboard stomach was a ring of flowers around my belly button. What with pregnancy and age it more resembles a bloody rose bush now! Anyway now I go for ones with meaning. I have a big one down an entire side of my back which is a snake in a figure of eight position eating it’s own tail and around it are the words- “what goes around comes around”. I really like the meaning of yours.

I have a couple!


Only right now but many more to come!


That stomach piece is everything yo. Also my next piece to finish is over the knee cap so I’m prepping for that adventure


There’s other things but it’s too many. Brief summary:


Thank you!! Your tattoos are great as well!!

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My brother did all of my tattoos so I have a shit ton of them but these 2 are probably the most special. The Chinese letters say from top to bottom “peace, hope, joy” that was our motto to get clean. Since my brother died in October of last year from an overdose this motto has been my reason to get and stay clean. 216. days strong! The second is a tiger my brother drew for me when I got high for the first time 10 years ago and when I look at it now I see so much evil and pain that it reminds me that I never want to go back there again. Enough tears now…I need to refocus. Love all y’alls ink though.


Anyone have any planned pieces coming up?