Are there any foods or drinks that help reduce alcohol cravings?

I know soda and ice cream help because they give you the sugar that your body used to get from alcohol, but I was wondering if there are other things that help?

The only thing I found helped me was the essential oil Cassia by Doterra. One drop on my tongue and I was over it! Without the sugar too, but I did have gingerale a few times for something different than water and to help with the sugar withdrawals at first. I found after that, Coconut water is great too!

I’d say try some fruit since there’s natural sugar in there that would be less unhealthy and dark chocolate. I love dark chocolate :smiley:


I found that part of my problem was the act of drinking as much as the cravings for it myself, I got used to having my travel mug full carrying it everywhere I went day or night. I decided the only thing I could drink the way I was drinking booze that’d be healthy was water…took a couple days but I got used to it and now that I’ve been past the withdraws for a bit it’s all I want for the most part. I’ve heard some of the other guys mention drinking 24 oz teas and energy drinks as well, just for the mental aspect of holding and drinking from a large tall boy sized can.

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Orange juice and cream of tartar. Google it, apparently it works on smoking too.

Chocolate and coffee!