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NASA fools alot people ! Just to send tin cans up into the sky just saying

When I was a child, things I didn’t understand scared me. It made it less scary when I pretended they weren’t real.


Im one of those i need proof we went to the moon type people its we had technology for definitely satellites to go up but humans back then Nah No way


How do you suppose they “provide sufficient proof” to you? Shouldn’t you need sufficient proof that it’s fake?

It seems way more logical that conspiracies can only exist with very few people involved, otherwise you’ll end up with credible whistle blowers.


The moon is made of cheese, everyone knows you can’t land rockets on cheddar. Indisputable facts.


Huh. So that’s where all my missing socks went to.


The moon is made of gold so they faked the landing while in fact they’ve been mining it in secret for decades.


If that’s the case, the US wouldn’t be so in debt to China!

Awesome! Flying around on Titan :star_struck: I am super excited to see the findings from this mission.


Space debris is falling more and more commonly now, as the frequency of rocket launches increases :grimacing: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Exploration is important, but safety is too. There must be safer ways to leave the Earth’s surface, right?

Edited to add -
How about a space elevator… not from the Earth, but from the Moon? This arrangement would make it possible to construct a space elevator using materials we currently have (not possible with an elevator starting at Earth’s surface, but possible from the Moon’s surface), and it would significantly decrease the need for propellant (among other materials) for missions beyond Earth orbit.

What does that mean for space debris? I don’t know. It would certainly mean rockets wouldn’t need to be nearly as heavy, to do what they do for missions beyond Earth orbit. Mining meteors, for example - a significant potential source of raw materials - will take many thousands of launches and they will need to go far beyond Earth orbit. Would a Moon-based space elevator make it possible to design rockets less prone to dropping debris?

All interesting speculation. It remains to be seen what will be invented in the years to come.

Edited to add - How to Grow Food on Mars?


Weird … 3 of these falling out the sky making odd movements.

Then it started going up to the sky again.
I have videos but I changed some lighting on a zoom In and got this when it was going back up.


Looks like airplane exhaust: two channels of exhaust, two engines. Maybe some aerial tests?


I thought that maybe it was that :laughing:

And that it just looked like it was going up and down because of where I was and the distance between us.
It was the weird zig zag movements that caught my eye and circles.

:alien: :rofl: