Baby birdies thread ❤ And the cockatoo crew ❤

Baby now has a check in thread because its just to cute to not :grinning:


Nice! I’m so envious, what a joy! I bet one of the mods would move your other posts here if you wanted?


This morning we arrived at 7am on the dot. We had apricot for breakfast and some crushed up dry crackers. We were very fiesty this morning and wanted to pulk the tissues out of the box and play peek a boo in the mirror :joy: loves looking in the mirror :joy:

its raining today so baby left after half an hour. I think it went out to play in the rain with its siblings :heart:


Good idea ! I didn’t even think to move them. I will ask the mods :grinning: @Eke @Sassyrocks ??


mirror peek a boos are fun :joy: the last pic with its beak open is because it started pecking at the light bulbs so I told it no noooo dont do that and it yelled it me lol :joy:


Ahhh it looks so comfortable in your surroundings!! :heart:

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10am- were back already because its raining hard outside this morning so as soon as I got back from my walk and opened my window, baby flew in wet as a drowned rat :joy: this mornings rainy day activities included being cheeky and playing peek a boo through its perches holes. It likes it when I play wack a mole with my head popping up and down :joy: we also tried to fight s water bottle and discovered that we don’t like the taste or candles even though I heard mum telling me not to peck at it , I did and red candel does not taste nice :joy: i did some more indoor gardening as well :joy:

I’m having a birdie nap now coz I’m all played out :joy:


We did some baby birdie yoga to pass the time :joy: we also got more obsessed with our reflection in the mirror and also wanted to get in the actual tissue box to fight the tissues :joy:

we are getting very cheeky now that it is super comfortable with me :joy: it loves to chase things like a dog with a ball. So funny :joy:


Yay!! Baby has its own thread… I just love, love, love it!! How do we know if it’s a male or female? Or do you get to choose it’s sex? :joy:


I’m not sure yet of the gender. I did some research and apparently you cant tell the difference when there babies. When they are older , the males are a bit bigger and have stronger white colouring around them. I think it might be female but I cant tell just yet :grinning:

Yes! I love it tooo! Thank you, April @apes2020 . Though I lol that this is going to become part of my daily ritual - checking in to the baby birdies thread!

I wish we could throw you a little baby birdie shower - get you all stocked up with birdseed, pretty new blankies for him/her… I’m with @Lisa07 that we get to pick, lol! I’ think it’s a boy, until it decides to lay eggs in your home :joy:


That’s so cute :grinning: funny you should mention that, after this mornings play I realized its very playful and curious about everything in my apartment, it gives all the things It can lift up a good shake and peck at , kinda like a puppy with new toys. It has the same temperament. Its excited and cheeky then when its all played out in flys onto the bike perch and goes to sleep for about 15-20 mins, then wakes up and repeats it all again… So I was thinking so it doesn’t get bored and can learn more, I might go to the pet store and buy some bird food sticks, and bird toys. I don’t even know if bird toys exsist lol?.. Also more paper towel :joy: now if been feed a wholesome diet, its not reluctant to poop once in a while :joy: luckily if I’m watching it play , I see it poop and I spray n wipe it right away so its not a problem at this point… It is yet to explore my hallway where my clothes racks are, I will train it not to be in that area because I really don’t want my clothes pooped on :joy:


Awww, I think it would love a cage - not that you close the door - but just a place for it to fly into and rest, like its own room? Hopefully to poop in too, lol? :laughing:

Some good birdseed to eat yes please!


Good idea about the house. I’ll see if I can research a little cubby house room for it :grinning:


I think you could be right about wanting its own little room to sleep in. I just got out of the shower and found it sound asleep standing on one leg with its head tucked right into its wing , kinda like a human pulling the blanket over there head to sheald out the light or noise :joy:


More birdie head yoga :joy: it was actually falling asleep in this position at one point :joy:


Comfort level at maximum :joy: I was laying on the couch resting and baby walked over the coffee table to the corner nearest me and sat down and had a power nap next to me :heart:


I needed something it could play with that was light and easy for it to lift. I cut up a toilet roll and voila, loves it!


This is great! Can’t wait for the adventures of apes and baby!


Ok, first off this thread made me beam when I saw it! Your baby bird is beautiful!

Do you know what type of bird it is? How did it start coming into your home? I am just in awe of this beautiful relationship you have!

I’m sorry if this question was asked already…and thank you for sharing this story!

Absolutely LOVE it!

This is a crow who visits me every spring and summer…his name is Brody😊