Being sober in life

I went 4 weeks with nothing to drink. I got drunk on Wednesday. I feel horrible about drinking. I don’t want to continue and have it to control my life.



4 weeks is a long friggin time! Great job. Ask yourself what changed on wendsday and address it. Learn and move on.
Maybe a meeting will help? Plenty of folks just like you there.

Best wishes


Im sorry to hear that, but keep you’re head up. It happened to me many times. See it as climbing a mountain. Its not because you made a stumble that you are back at the bottom. Take ur pickaxe and start climbing again. You’ll get there :wink:


Those 4 weeks will always be 4 weeks that you didn’t drink, nothing or no one can ever take that away. Be proud you got that far and don’t beat yourself up. Tomorrow is a new day full of endless possibilities if you chose it to be. Chin up and crack on with sobriety again


4 weeks is huge. Start looking at the why. Figure out the why you drank, and it gets easier. AA really helped me figure out why I drank. If not AA try another program.

You are worth a sober life


Sounds like you know what you want to do… Now it’s time to get your plan in place to make it happen!

In case you haven’t seen this thread before it’s well worth a read.

Lots of great support and advice on this forum, make the most of it :grin:


Looks like you need support maybe try a meeting you will get support there wish you well

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