Believe in something for heaven's sakes!

Believe in God, don’t believe in God, IDGAF.

If you’re feeling some kinda way, and who isn’t, then you might just try saying a little prayer. I pray to God (you know just in case :thinking:), my mom, my Angels and Spirit.

I mean it won’t make you feel worse and let’s face it if you’re reading this you’re probs a little or a lot fucked up. There are 20 prayers here for all kinds of nutty emotions :chipmunk:
Do it. I dare ya.

Happy Sunday.

Love, Joanie :sparkling_heart:


Preach it girl. Beautiful post.


EGGscuse me?


I love you?


Maybe try a meeting they will help you stay sober wish you well


At least believe in yourself and your own ability to make it through the day sober and that is a starting point…


Well … I do actually, thanks. Just laying those prayers out there for those who might be interested.

Where you can pray! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Cate I was going to send these to you only because you commented about getting into praying. Thought I’d send it out as a post for others as well.

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Think a church would be the place to pray but nothing stopping you praying at a meeting

I went to one meeting. There was a LOT of the word God. I was stressed thinking I would never be able to remember any of the ‘prayers.’

This post has got a whole load of ‘Nope’ written all over it.

You’re basically saying; whether or not you believe in God, you should pray to God because I pray to God.

And what is ‘dare ya’ supposed to mean? If I dont do it, I have to accept a forfeit?

I’ll take the forfeit.


Thank you for sharing your opinion with me :roll_eyes:


You’re welcome.

‘Dare ya’ is usually a last resort comment aiming to peer pressure someone into doing something they dont want to do. I’ll just leave that there.

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I see.
Hahahahaha, this thread has a low key genius in it…
Oh Joanie :cyclone:

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just so you know - all threads, including this one, have a mute function. so if you come across a thread with “a whole load of nope” you can feel free to mute it and ignore it.


That’s me, a 56 year old peer pressuring prayer nut.

Now if I wanted to pressure anyone we’d be talking astrology.

Imma gonna leave that right here.

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Well, a dare, said as she has is to challenge anyone to do something, in this case, pray.

Your interpretation is to position yourself as a victim, which to be honest, doesn’t really look good on anyone.

The more courageous and respectable response would be to defy by assuming her good intent.

Joanie, no thanks, I know you want what’s best for me, but I’ma pass on praying. I, rather meditate and practice yoga. It’s the same you say? Not really, but we can have a respectful conversation about it if you’d like . Have a blessed day :innocent:


I agree that this post feels pushy to me as well, and that the idea of prayer in general makes my stomach churn.

I’ve noticed a lot of 'You can believe whatever you want BUT I believe in God", which seems completely unneccessary. Someone could simply just say the first portion if they weren’t trying to feel social acceptance via comradery.

That’s fine. We’re social animals. It still rubs me the wrong way though. Possibly because I’m a bit more critical of what I say in similar situatons


I pray internally everyday. Please just let me get through this shit day at work. I’m not praying to God, but having that conversation is so helpful!

I took zero offense at this thread. I don’t believe in God, and that’s fine.