Best part of being Dad



Makes bein a dad all worth it


Enclose that thing in a cage, like they used to do in prisons and rowdy bars.


I’m going to have to!


Sitting in daddy’s chair


Yesterday was crazy busy. We spent most of the day at the fair. Then in the evening, my oldest boy, Collin, was Baptized!

Waiting for the swings to start.

Riding the motorcycles.

Watching the boys ride with Jack.

Riding ththe rollar coaster with the boys

Family picture!

Some spinney thing at a funhouse

Feeding the goats

Collin ready for his baptism!

All dressed up in whites, by the font.

Collin’s grandma played the harp at his baptism.

Picture of the family from the baptism, with Grandma and Grandpa.

All in all, an amazing day for a super awesome family!


Had a rough day 12 hours at work. Came home to find out my son is finally walking!! Completely flipped my day around and I’m glad I was sober for it!


That’s always the best! I love when they start being able to do things on their own and they’re so proud of themselves. They just bathe in your adulation.


Tuesday mornings are always busy at my house. I dont work Tuesday mornings and the boys are at school, but I have webinars that I watch for work, and yard care/mowing, garden stuff, house stuff, etc. Anyway, my in-laws were still in town yesterday until after I left for work, so they decided to go with Rachel, Bennett and Jack to some family friends’ orchard to pick apples. 0.30/lb galas. They said that the Fujis never grew to marketable size, so we could pick as much as we want for free. Turns out the apples were perfect size for C, T, & E’s lunches. Score!

Picking apples!

Jack even helped. Sort of.

We had a lot of apples. This is only a little bit of them. Last night we made applesauce with some of them. In case you weren’t aware, we love our Instant Pot pressure cooker. Here’s the recipe:

8 large apples, roughly chopped and cored (you can peel if you don’t like peels in your applesauce, I do.)
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 rounded teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup water

Mix them up a little and put your pot on sealing, manual setting for 8 minutes. We let it slow release pressure and it came out awesome. You can eat it hot, but it gets a better consistency if you chill it in the fridge.

Sorry, no pics of the applesauce. I’ll try to take some during lunch today, if I remember.


Snacking apple size! What great memories for your kiddos :apple:


That’s one of the benefits of living where we do. The fruit is abundant and cheap here!


I love the picture of the baby I in the car seat(Jack?)


That’s my boy! Jack Welles.


We went out for dinner yesterday and got him the hot dog. The owner came by and said for him good luck?!? Ya, we didn’t see it was a 1/2 pounder!


Yep this is so awsome my little guy is getting around pretty good now too… all in about 2 weeks :grinning::grin:


Dang! That’s a legit dog! Back in my undergrad, there was a restaurant that did gourmet dogs. It was awesome.


Today was Donuts With Dads at my boys school!
Elliott and I

Other side of the table!

Finally got Collin to smile!

Truman really wanted the Jelly Donut…


Seems like this is on the cleanup checklist at least twice a year at my house.


Respect that beard!

Bet he plays Santa a lot


He does! I may be able to scrounge up a picture of it somewhere…


This weekend The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints had its semi-annual General Conference. It’s always a big deal in our church and we’re always excited to hear the words of our prophet and the exciting announcements they make. It was a busy weekend. In addition to that, we also went to a pumpkin patch.
Friday evening we got out our Halloween bins and tried on some costumes and decorated, always fun!

Don’t mind my cross dressing son.

Bennett as a pirate.

Elliott as a pirate.

Here’s some of the fun at the pumpkin patch this weekend.

Getting lost in the corn maze.

Lots of walking often requires carrying as well.

Hay ride around the maze

Collin and Truman on the hay ride.

Truman posing

Elliott inside the scraggly pumpkin patch.

Youngest to Oldest. Jack first.




And Collin

Elliott’s face is priceless!

Photo booth

Laying on pumpkins

I’ll have a few more pictures in a little bit. It’s a busy weekend.