Best part of being Dad



What was it like going from two kids to 3? The first step into being outnumbered… lol


Wouldn’t know. We went from 1 to 3. Outnumbered in the blink of an eye.


A little late, but I said I’d post about my birthday on on Monday…
Forgive my messy hair. My eggs, bacon and eggos were getting cold. We love Stranger Things in our house and recently discovered that we also love eggos.

Birthday Cake? No. Birthday Pie! Key Lime Pie to be exact. 33 candles.

New running shoes for my birthday. I really should replace them more often, instead of running them into the freaking ground.

Birthday was fun. Yesterday was Collin’s first day of school. He is an extremely shy kid. Takes after his Mom, not me. He is very self-conscious about his hair being fixed (thinks it makes him look ugly). To the point where we have decided to just let him fix his hair however he feels looks good. I’d rather him be confident than self-conscious. Also, he wears glasses because he cant see things far away, yet refuses to actually wear them. Same reason as the hair. Not sure what to do about that…

Truman and Elliott’s first day of school is tomorrow, but yesterday they had a meet your teacher day. We’re so excited for them. They will be in different classes though. We did that intentionally. They need to become their own people and not just hang out with each other.
Rachel: “Hey guys, maybe you should get up so you dont get your clothes dirty.”
Truman: “I don’t care.” Smh.


For me the best part of being a dad is having my three lads growing up in men and having their own family’s grandkids are great you get to do it all over again.


Your kiddos have such unique personalities! I love when you post about them.


They are definitely unique! Cant use the same methods with them. Elliott is very sensitive and will break down in tears, while Collin is defiant and will stew over things and plot revenge. Truman is a mix of both. Bennett gets angry and sad at the same time. And Jack? Well, Jack is just happy to be here.


I was just thinking. It is freaking amazing, an utter miracle that babies are born and grow like they do. Jack did absolutely nothing for weeks. Just ate and pooped. And now we get this…


Man, I’ve really fell behind on things here. Maybe I’ll just post the best of the best.
Truman’s first day of Kindergarten!

Elliott’s first day of Kindergarten!

Bennett’s first day of Pre-school!

School kids

We did an awesome hike as a family along the North Crest Trail. You can see Mount Rainier in the background. It was freaking perfect outside that day. The best hike I’ve ever been on!

Look at this awesome trail!

Bennett was a trooper. He hiked up 300 feet in a mile and a half by himself. What a mountain climber!

Bennett eating some rainbow tape on our hike.

Me and my lady.


We found this perfectly good (but well used) bike at Goodwill for $4. Steal!


I am a professional thrifter- awesome score!! I have 3 boys and it can be insane trying to keep them all well dressed and with toys they think are new haha. The other day I found a Kona Shred 2.0 at Value Village for $12.99- probably my find of the year!!


What a sweetheart. I just want to give him a squish!! My youngest is also named Jack- such an awesome classic name :heart:


We sure do love our Jack! Also, awesome find! Rachel is the mastermind behind the deals in our family. She gets a rush planning and finding the best deal. If something is a good price, she buys it and waits to see if it drops more. We frequently return things to stores that we decided were not the best deal.


This last weekend was crazy busy! We celebrated Collin’s 8th birthday. It’s a bit of a tradition for us to go to Ensign Ranch for his birthday with all our friends from Tacoma. Then had a party as soon as we returned.

Jack in his pj’s at the cabin. It’s funny that he’s not even 3 months yet and he’s been camping here twice already. :joy:

Elliott with some of his friends. They made a little fort out of fallen branches, ferns and boards. It was complete with a nursery for Jack and our friend’s baby Annie. Plus, it had a bathroom. “Most of us have already peed in it.”

Inside the fort with their best friends.

A quick family picture.

The birthday party was fun. Collin had 4 friendsu come over. He invited much more and had 7 RSVP’s, but we didnt do any reminder texts/calls. I dont think he was disappointed, but I was for him. Heres a pic of the three legged race that Rachel dominated on. :rofl:

We have an awesome bonus room upstairs. Perfect for a game of balloon stomp.

Rainbow Poo Emoji Piñata.

Collin’s actual birthday was yesterday/Sunday. He got ready for 9:00 church and had a toaster waffle for breakfast.

One of Collin’s favorite presents, a doodling robot that he got to build himself.

A bunch of other cool presents later and the last was our traditional birthday scavenger hunt. Which led to a new bike for Collin.

Family biker gang.

Collin is just a crafty kid. We got him a sewing kit. This was one of his creations.

We’re just excited to have such an awesome kid.


I have 3 girls


I have 3 girls and a boy. It’s a handful.


Remember that one time that my kids broke 2 TVs in the same week? Well, we replaced one of them, which also got broken. We just haven’t replaced it, because what’s the freaking point? Just watch our shows on the 2/3 of the TV that still work.

Anyway, small victory today. My wife randomly entered into a drawing at a local grocery store, and won a TV! The universe is cheering for us today.


My little guy just turned 1 last month and is finally starting to walk it’s so cool… :smiley:


13 month old myself. Not walking by himself yet! He could but doesnt quite have the confidence. Love the cookie monster costume! That was my 1st pick till we found the "wittle werewolf " one


Ya my little guy is not walking fully but everyday is getting better I’m glad I’m sober to enjoy these moments


I agree with you! Being able to remember it, waking up to play with him without a headache or throwing up… Need I go on? One of the best things I ever did was get sober to see all this with clear eyes