Best part of being Dad



What exactly are we looking at? lol


Our first trip as a family to the pumpkin farm. Tried like heck to get a photo of him by the height of the pumpkins but he saw the scooby doo and star wars pumpkin display and wanted it( figures dressed up but use pumpkins as the head)



The inside of a vent! Hahaha!

@Philrr415 nice family photos! We love pumpkin patches, so fun!


A good laugh? Haha, that’s funny af.


What have I been up to? I’ve been gone. On a Social Media Fast. Did I mention that it was a social media fast yet? J/k. I’m not trying to sit on a high horse here. Anyway, it’s been eventful and busy at my house.
Truman and Elliott both won awards at their school. You know those BS awards that mean absolutely nothing? Yeah, those ones. That being said, we acted incredibly excited for them and they were so proud of themselves. Truman was shocked to have won an award and then was truly flabbergasted when Elliott also won an award.

We did our best to capture his reaction. It was awesome. He kept putting his hand on his head like it was about to explode. Here’s a close up. Haha!

They got BS Medals as well!!

Then the three older boys really wanted to lay out all their awards in a row. Participation medals and stuff. Plus a cheapo lei, wherever that came from.

Let’s throw in a picture of a baby crying for flavor.

So, sometimes (rarely) insurance is awesome. They sent Rachel a free Ninja Blender because she kept all her OB appointments. No picture, sorry.


Also, the boys had their school photos taken. Check this handsome group out!




I have a feeling this thread is going to come in handy for me


:wink::wink::wink: 10-4 good buddy. Was listening to Ace of Base this morning and totally though of you.


Eventually lol


^ my first sober wedding/birthday in I dont know how long.

A sick 14 month old and his pup


Cutest kiddos ever!!! (And mine of course)


We’re not competing here guys!

cough mine are cough


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Because I didn’t care to have everyone viewing it anymore. I really only posted for my friends on here, and the vast majority of them are in the lounge.

Is there an issue?


Big reason I don’t post pictures of my kids on here either, but this is a good alternative I think


Why bro, you looking for an issue :joy::joy:


I’ll fight you, but I’m worried you’re bringing a gun and I only have knives


I also have anger issues and a street side to me lol.


I dont have a street side of me. I’ll defer to you.